Sunday 9 June 2013

Giveaway Sunday Week 64

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

I have another fantastic giveaway for you today:

Orna Art Heart

Hedgehog hand sculpted box

Worldwide Giveaway!

Orna's work is beautiful!
Orna also uses some of her funds to help
the local stray cats. 
Any purchases help her to buy food , 
spay and other medical treatment for cats, dogs, birds.

Here is her beautiful story of why she loves Hedgehogs:

This is one of the reasons why I'm bond so much to hegies (-:

Years ago as a child I used to walk with my dog in the fields, one day near the bushes I found a small hedgehog lying with no response, I thought he was dead but when I saw him weakly moving I took him home.
I brought him, gave him with a pipette water, he responded thirstily and 
drank quickly, gradually he began to recover.
For days he slept next to me and soon baby hedgehog 
followed me around every were, we ate together, I played 
with him, guarded and kept him safe when he was 
out harassed by my curious cats (-: 

My parents giggled how the little hedgehog
going after me as after mother goose.

After a while, my darling hedgehog grew up, in one of our 
walks in the field he disappeared in the bushes I 
called him looked for him a lot but couldn't find him,
I came home crying that I can't find my beloved 
cute hedgehog.
My parents told me that nature called him, I didn't 
understand what that means. 
They explained me that every animal has an instincts
and must return to live in nature and when we really 
love some one we should let go and know that our task
is completed.

I don't remember how long, I worried about him and hoped 
that everything is okay with my beloved hedgehog.
Until one day, at evening time I heard a scratching at 
the door I knew that my cute hedgehog is back, when 
I opened the door looking down and watching in amazement 
how SHE comes in with three puppies small hedgehogs. 
I was so happy, it was a female ! I thought I saved Hedgehog
Male it turned out that she came back to me but as a mother 
with her offspring. 
Of course I gave her food, she rested at home with my
care and she could come in and out as she Chooses.
I was so happy that I gave life and shared love with this
sweet animal and help here a little with her pups that 
she brought to me.
I am grateful for this experience, to feel the joy and love to many 
wonderful animals, I wish so much a natural caring with harmony
to all animals and to mother earth.Amen (-:

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  1. It's so hard to choose just one item. I love all of the yarn bowls. The hedgehog one is super cute.


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