Monday 3 June 2013

Handspun Yarn

Last week I showed you
yarn bowls.
This week I thought I would show you some
beautiful handspun yarn
you can buy on Etsy:

Handspun yarn - Mothers Day Lilacs - Handpainted Silk / Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool, DK weight, 325 yards Handspun merino yarn - fun midnight blue with gleaming white ply Handspun Yarn - Deep Blue Sea - Vibrant Blue - thread plied
Handspun Yarn -  2Ply Polworth - First blush of a Long-Awaited Spring Handspun Yarn Merino Falkland wool viscose silk kidmohair bamboo sparkle Handspun Cream Cashmere
Handspun Yarn suri alpaca Antique Rose Handspun Yarn Skein 2 - Soy, Merino, Tencel, and Hand Dyed Bluefaced Leicester Handspun handdyed yarn BFL wool kidmohair silk
Handspun Yarn cashmere silk and superfine Merino wool Handspun BFL Yarn - Lost in Lavender - 540m/590y Handspun BFL/Silk - Sweet Nostagia - 464m/507y
Handspun Yarn from  Alpaca and Merino Wool - Hoar Frost Handspun natural grey ronaldsay yarn YARNS FOR CHARITY - Handspun merino and alpaca fleece yarn - knitting yarn / wool -  75 yards
Handspun Yarn - Pink Lady Writes Purple Prose - Hand dyed, Alpaca 2 ply 2oz Handspun Yarn -  2 Ply - Pink Lady Writes Purple Prose  -  2 oz skein Handspun Merino in Shades of Purple 53g/146yds
Handspun Merino Swirls Art Yarn , Random Thick n Thin 100gms/3.5oz, UK seller Autumn Colours Merino Hanspun Art Yarn 55g/168yds Handspun merino and alpaca yarn / wool  uk  86 yards magenta
Silk Yarn, Hand Spun, 2 ply, Hand Dyed, Tussah Silk Yarn, 25g, Colourway - 'Southern Seas', Shades of Blues Handspun natural grey ronaldsay yarn Handspun chunky ultrafine merino and silk knitting yarn / wool  104 yards
Handspun Yarn Rainbow Handspun Hand dyed chain plied BFL yarn 112g Handspun Yarn -   2ply - Faded Marigold  -  1.5 oz  Skein

Now it's just a case of deciding which one I like the best mmmmmmm?

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  1. What beautiful yarns! They are lovely! :)
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