Friday 21 June 2013

I've Made Friday Week 64

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope you are all having a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

We've had some more sunshine and it's been beautiful!

We've got some wonderful offers for followers of this blog:
Tote bag beach bag, linen and cotton  THE PINK CAT
Vero has also been kind enough
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ACCROchet beach bag pattern
Julie has also been kind enough
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I've got some finishes for this week.
Real ones :-)
The good ones:

I made the earrings (still need to add the bit to put them in my ears)
and flower brooch from the Craftsy
crochet embellishments

My other finish is very disappointing!
It just didn't work :-(.
It's my worst failure yet!

It was meant to be Terrafin from Skylanders but I just wasn't up to it.
I've got a few excuses I could use.....
The power went off the other night and an empty houses alarm went
off for most of the night. No sleep!
I've started my first ever diet :-(
I didn't know whether I was going to share this here or not
but I think it's going to be a big part of what is going on at the moment.
I'm on the 2 day starve diet.
5 days of the week you eat normally.
On the other 2 days I'm eating between 500 and 650 calories on that day.
My starvation days are Monday & Thursday.
The first week I lost 3 lbs and I'm just doing my 2nd week.
This week isn't going as well, I just hope I loose something for all of this.
I thought it would be a good diet for me to try as it doesn't need 
the physical side and it's meant to help stop a number of medical conditions.

I have read:

This was a nice short novel.
It's a bit cheesy and not really realistic but it 
was an easy quick read.
The story starts where Lady Sophia is in her 
martial bed chamber.
She has just been married and her groom is waiting for her.
She has realised she has made the biggest mistake of her life.
Her and her maid escape via a window and steals away
in the night.
She meets the good-looking William Birmingham whilst escaping.
That is where I'll leave you :-).
I'd give the book 3 out of 5

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Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!
Please try and visit at least 2 other sites
to see what other people have been making.
Can you also put the pin and link to this page
so that we can get more people joining in.

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  1. Amazing hat!

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks. You are more than welcome!

  3. I hate it when you work so hard on something, then, poof it doesn't turn out quite like you envisioned it would. Don't give up yet your on to something.

    1. It's horrible isn't it. Little Red doesn't want me to change it, he says it's funny.

  4. Those discounts are great offers. Your earrings will be great once the posts are in and you can weawr them.

    1. Thanks. I think I might save them for a present for a relative. I am sure my niece would love them.


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