Saturday 8 June 2013

Guest Blogger Week 67 The Bagg Lady

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Cathy
 from The Bagg Lady

The Bagg Lady

I would like to thank Sue @ Crochet Addict UK for the opportunity to share my blog. I am very appreciative!
Hello everyone! I am Cathy Milne and the designer behind Raggz2Baggz. My e-business is very young but it is bustling. I am creating products for my store on Etsy and planning a giveaway for July. I love to crochet and sew and find as many hours, sometimes minutes, as I can. Unfortunately, my blog posts fall behind. Oh well, I will get settled in with enough inventory, photos and blog posts in time (soon). BaggLadyLogo
I began using a sewing machine when I was nine. My mom sat me on her lap to teach me. My first project was a black, pleated skirt (I think my mom did the pleats). It was so cute my mom had to pry it from me so she could wash it. I then learned hand stitched embroidery so everything I owned had to be embellished.  I took many sewing, design, and pattern making classes through my teen years.
Crocheting came into my life when I was in High School. Mom was working nights and one of her co-workers taught her to make granny squares. I don’t know if that blanket ever got completed. I was fascinated by the craft. One summer mom made hats using portions of soda and beer cans she crocheted. We all wore those hats everyday we could. I finally asked to learn crochet after my daughter was born. I began making granny squares for my baby’s blanket. It is history from there.
In addition to my Bagg Lady blog I have recently been added as a co√∂rdinator of the Oregon‘s Hats for the Homeless and Working Poor. That blog is,  Help Keep Oregon Warm. Please like me on my Facebook pages, Raggz2Baggz & Oregon’s Hats for Hope. My store on Etsy has one item as of today but I am working hard to get more products listed.
Keep an eye open for the announcement of my next giveaway! When you choose to follow my blog you will have all of the post updates as well as the announcement!
Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady!

Thank you ever so much Cathy.
I hope you'll all visit her sites and follow her new venture!


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