Tuesday 4 June 2013

Update - What we've been up to

Sorry I've been away!

It was half term last week so I spent
it with hubby and number one son.

Little Red wouldn't go to his Granny & Grandads :-(
He is still shook up about me going to the hospital
in an ambulance the other week.
He doesn't want to leave me so instead we went out with
Granny & Grandad to Martin Mere.

We are members as it's really good fun.
It also has fantastic paths on the flat
with lots of benches.
This means both me and my 92 yr old gran
can manage it.

They have a fantastic play area for the children.
During holidays they have fantastic things the children 
and adults can join in.
This week children could build their own nests
and go and see the chicks hatching, then right through all
the different stages.
They also have beavers and otters as well as all the wildfowl.
They had a fun treasure hunt for the kids to follow round the site.
You can also go canoeing  & other fun stuff like building dens.
Below are just a few pictures of our fun day out.

Behind are the otters playing in the shallows in the sun.

He is back at school now but we had a really good
relaxing week!

We also watched Epic
This is a fantastic film for kids!!
Little Red loved it!
Even in the scary bits they put something funny in so kids wouldn't
get as scared.
The story is based around a girl called M.K.
who moves into her estranged fathers house
after her mum passes away.
Her father - Professor Bomba has been searching for tiny soldiers for years.
M.K. manages to get shrunk and finds herself in the turmoil
of the leafmens struggle to save the forest and all the living things.
It a fun, funny, family movie!

I hope you are all having a good week and come back tomorrow to see what I am making


  1. Wow he is getting so big!! His little teeth are coming in nicely. I can't get over how much he has changed!! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    1. I know I can't believe how much he has grown. It was a good day out. We took a picnic but ended up eating it in the car before going in :-)


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