Friday 1 March 2013

I've Made Friday Week 48

I hope your week has gone well
& you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you.
I hope you had a good February and are
welcoming March.

I'm seriously ill at the moment
so I'll be around when I can.
I'm on the strongest antibiotics saved for pneumonia
patients. If these don't work they aren't sure what they can do.
They have upped my steriods and are hoping this will help.
I'll keep you updated and fingers
crossed I'll be on the mend soon!

Now I've got loads to show you!
I've been making things whilst I've been ill.
I'm struggling to sleep as my chest is making a horrible
rattling noise.
I'll be glad when I recover.

Shells legwarmers
This is the pattern set I bought:
Pixie Boonet and matching shell legwarmers - CROCHET PATTERN
The pattern is available on:

This is a beautiful pattern & really easy to follow.

Next I made a Baby set:

This is the Starbirght Bonnet & Legwarmers
This is the set I bought:
Rainbow Bonnet / Diaper Cover Leg Warmers / Photography Prop / 3 Sizes / 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn
The pattern is available on:

Next I made:
Now I did make quite a number
of mistakes on this pattern.
They are only little ones & I think it
will look much better after being
I followed the free pattern:
by Sarah Cooper

I also made:
Some booties from the pattern:
I haven't added the ribbon yet
but I might try once I'm a bit better

I finally finished my baby blanket

I'll have better pictures when we actually get some sun.

I have also designed a few add on's for my Free Mug Cozy Pattern:



I'm hoping to get them typed up soon and you'll be able
to change your applique to what mood or festivity it is.

Now that's all I've made - not been really busy :-)

I've also been trying to design my own
banner and pin:
It's not perfect but for a first try I don't think it's too bad

As you know I've recently bought a Craftsy Course.
I bought and followed the:
Beyond Rectangles Course by Linda Bermann

Retail Price: $24.99
You Save: $10.00

This is an easy pattern to follow & throughout
Linda gives you lots of hints and tips.
You also get a special tutorial
at the end of the course.
Throughout the course you can ask questions and get the answers 
straight from Linda.
Linda's support makes a huge difference. If you get confused you can get the help.
You can do the course at your own speed & repeat as many
times as you want.
I often paused and then carried on watching when I was ready.
I loved the fact that I could see what I should be doing.
You were given options to choose what you would like
to do on certain parts.
Linda makes all the instructions clear and you don't miss a thing.

After completing this course I decided that
I enjoyed it so much I wanted to sign you for more.
Hubby let me sign up for a couple as part of my up coming birthday present
and a couple I had bought when they were on sale:

Retail Price: $29.99
You Save: $10.00

I purchased some tunisian hooks when I first start to crochet.
Apart from making 2 cowls they have been left to collect dust.
I can't wait to follow this course and blow the dust off them.
I had only really learnt one stitch previously so this is going
to be a fantastic course to learn more.

Retail Price: $24.99
You Save: $10.00

I couldn't resist signing up for another one of Linda's courses.
I also can't wait to make different things to brighten up my clothes
and my home.

I am also looking at the:

Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00

This course looks really exciting and the patterns look beautiful.
It's not something I've looked at before
& I think it is one where a course will
be of a great help.
I also love the fact it teaches you how to convert old patterns
so you can use with today's techniques.

I've finished listening to:
Dracula by Bram Stoker

I loved listening to this book.
I really enjoyed the old English and some of the 
different ways and predictions they had for the future.
I am so glad I took the time to actually read (well listen)
to the Original Dracula
I would highly recommend this book!
It's a classic in every sense.

Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!
Please try and visit at least 2 other sites
to see what other people have been making.
Can you also put the pin and link to this page
so that we can get more people joining in.

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  1. It sound pretty bad from your description. I'll try to remember you in my prayers. I hope you get better soon.

    1. Thank you. Feeling slightly better today so looking on it as a positive. I'm resting and keeping warm so I'll hopefully be back to myself soon.

  2. My goodness...hope the new round of medications help...sending thoughts and prayers your way. Your completed baby items are just adorable and the sessions your taking sound very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Melissa, thank you. Feeling slightly better today. i'm keeping resting and am able to get back to crocheting which is always a positive. i looked at the introduction to shuttle tatting last night and it looks really exciting. Can't wait to be well enough to start the course. Sue

  3. I am in love with the baby photo showing off your baby legwarmers. Too darn adorable.

    1. R.C. (named after the transformer) is beautiful. I love dressing her up. it makes such a difference when you are designing something to see what it will look like on a baby. Problem with babies is they keep growing. R.C. will always be this size and try out my new makes ;-)

  4. Wow you've been busy! Lovely baby makes. Hope you'll feel better soon!

    1. Thanks. Feeling slightly better today and feeling more positive. Making a baby cardigan next :-)

  5. Lovely mittens! The baby clothing it's justo adorable.

    Here's my FO:


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