Saturday 23 March 2013

Guest Blogger Week 56 The Crochet Lounge

I would like to say a huge welcome
to "e" Lee 

Keep reading for details of a giveaway occurring at The Crochet Lounge TODAY!

"e" Lee at The Crochet Lounge was exposed to the fiber arts since she was a baby. It just wasn't time for her to pick it up until she was pregnant with her own almost 27 years later. A year prior to her first pregnancy, scarves were the only things she could crochet; patterns and charts didn't make much sense, and the hat attempts all turned into circular potholders. Miraculously, upon deciding to crochet for her baby, all patterns, written or charted became easy overnight - literally.Her crochet patterns are created in harmony with what is exuding abundance of love and joy in the expression of shapes and stitches. She is inspired by beauty in nature, and pure love expressed. All of this, bundled with fun, frill, excitement and gratitude to the friendship in the fiber community is the creation of The Crochet Lounge.

What is The Crochet Lounge?

The Crochet Lounge is one of my blogging playgrounds.  It is where I Relax, Create, & Inspire the Loungers and where the Lounger interaction Inspires others to Create and Relax.  My vision for The Crochet Lounge is a website where you have a unique spin/take on crochet basics via written and video tutorials and your one stop shop to learn about all things crochet.
Currently Lounger synergy takes place offsite in the Crochet Lounge facebook group and the g+ The Crochet Lounge Community ~ come join the parties and see featured works of Loungers around the globe.

What’s Happening at The Crochet Lounge?

On the website…

1) March Crochet Month has kept the Loungers on their toes.  Block Crochet Alphabet Pattern The Crochet Lounge Way (3” height) are being introduced weekly in a Mystery Crochet Along format (where the alphabet appears in random order).  All you need is an F/3.75mm hook, and 1-2 yards of worsted weight cotton.  They are specifically made in cotton for the simple fact that at the end of the month, there will also be a crochet blocking tutorial on how to make your applique look like real ‘block’ letters.
2) The Mystery Box Unveiled – recently, a mystery box arrived at The Crochet Lounge that has spawned a partnership in a series of yarn spinning tutorial DIY between BustingStitches and The Crochet Lounge.  If you’ve always wanted to know how to spin your own pretty yarn by drop spindling or spinning with a spinning wheel via DIY drop spindle or spinning wheel and/or by commercially made drop spindle and wheel, you’ll want to follow along this free tutorial series by subscribing to the e-mail list to not miss a single post!  There is a Giveaway attached towards the end of this series if you follow along.
3) A fabulous Giveaway happening >>>TODAY!<<<  The post will be live sometime after this guest blogging post, so you’ll need to check in and check back!  If you love the looks of this reversible slouch and want to get a copy of it as soon as it publishes, you’ll want to check out the + post at The Crochet Lounge.

This pattern will be an exclusive pattern in the April issue of Inspired Crochet magazine – can you guess what the giveaway will be yet?  There will be 2 lucky winners that not only will win first view of this pattern, but also 4 other exclusive patterns by fabulous designers and more featured designer patterns you would otherwise pay for.  It is a Giveaway you wouldn’t want to miss!

At The Crochet Lounge fb Group and g+ Community

1) Loungers with their own photo albums in the fb Group are having their work randomly featured as the group cover photo to inspire synergy and perhaps a Crochet Along!  Anytime 2 or more Loungers are working on the same pattern, it becomes a CAL at the Lounge.  There is no project too big or small – if you have a WIP and you are looking for a partner in crime, simply come to the Lounge and post a WIP photo and it’s usually enough to spark more interest into a CAL.
2) Ladies and gents of the Lounge are also known to share more than just their hooking fun.  We’re a part of each other’s lives – happy or sad, it’s a big family that picks you up and gives you support!
3) >Fair Warning< The Crochet Lounge is a yarny hookin’ enabling place.  If you come in with 1 WIP, you may end up in the albums for hours looking at pretty FOs you may soon have 3-10+ projects in the making.
4) Don’t miss out – there are a lot of independent designers in the Lounge group/community and they feature their new free patterns in the Lounge.  There are also monthly Mystery Crochet Alongs hosted by different designers via the groups.  If you want a bit of mystery and interaction with crochet designers, Come Join Us!

Taste of The Crochet Lounge Patterns



I would like to say a huge thank you to "e" Lee !

Wow you have some fantastic patterns!
Please say thank you and pop over to her links 
to see more of her wonderful work.


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