Tuesday 12 March 2013

Craftsy Tunisian Crochet Revolutions in Color and Style

I have just started the Tunisian Crochet Course.
The course is run by:
Of Stitch Diva

Jennifer is very enthusiastic about Tunisian Crochet
and guides you through everything.
Being a crocheter already is helping as quite a lot of the terms
are the ones used within crochet.
Jennifer talks you through everything so it is ideal for a beginner.

Withing the course you learn to make
a wash cloth using different stitches and techniques.
You then move onto making one with different colours.
From there you then learn to make the multi garment above.
Jennifer isn't afraid to use colour and encourages you to experiment.

I have just started the course and have just finished my
first few rows of my wash cloth.
I am finding it very natural and quick to do.
It's a good mix of crocheting and knitting.
You have the ease of using one hook like crocheting
but the bulk of knitting.

As you can see from the above I am just at the start of my washcloth.
I already feel confident that I am placing my stitches in the right place.
Jennifer also has some fantastic tips as to how to get your edges right
and how best to work with the hook and yarn.

So far so good. It's a course well worth doing!
I'll show you more next week.


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