Wednesday 27 June 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 14

Wow the middle of the week already.

I hope your week is going well!

Ours has been a bit mixed.
Little Red's school is having an
Olympic celebration week.
They are going to school in their games kit
and have activities each day.
Tuesday they were learning to skip (Little Red didn't manage it).
Today they are trying wall climbing.
As you can imagine Little Red is enjoying the different things
he is getting to try.

They have started a new "reward" system at school.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Every class has a board marking where each child is on the behaviour scale.
Each day they start on green.
If they get warned they go to orange & then the worst is red.
If they behave especially well they go to silver
& if they are extra special they go to gold.
If they go below green they don't get a stamp at the end of the day.
If they get silver they get a silver band.
If they get gold they get a gold band.
Orange and they just don't get a stamp but with red
a letter is sent home and if it keeps happening you get asked into school.
It has only been going 2 days but there have already been children refusing
to come out of school crying.
Little Red got a green stamp both days but
came out telling me how he had been warned and gone onto orange once.
He behaved the rest of the day so got moved up again.
I know the thinking behind it but
I'm worried about how it can be used by the bullies.
If you are always getting golds and silvers then they will pick on you for 
being a goody two shoes.
There is also the fact that the children are showing off to each other where they are at
and making the ones who are on a lower colour feeling detejcted.
Fingers crossed it goes well.
To support it we have said that if Little Red gets a green he is allowed 
to pick a sweet from the shop.
If he gets silver he can pick a magazine
& if it's gold he can pick a toy.

I have started a Penguin Bag
but I am only at the start and it's in black so
not very exciting.
I will hopefully get it finished for Friday :-)

I haven't worked on my blankets this week.
They have gone on a bit of a back burner whilst I 
get some of the ideas out of my head.

My WIP is my patterns this week.
I have opened my pattern book
and decided to get them typed up.

These are the ones completed and are in the process of being tested
(testers still required)
And I have another group to type up for next week.

Me, Hubby & Little Red 
are in the middle of making a volcano.

It is currently drying and then we are going to paint it.
Little Red is so funny, he didn't mind making the balls of newspaper
but he wouldn't help with the paste.
We used wallpaper paste and newspaper to make the shape.
We'll hopefully get it finished next weekend and then the fun can begin. 

I am Reading 
Fifty Shades of Grey
at the moment.
I will say the book has opened my eyes and is detailed.
If you don't like reading s*x scenes I wouldn't read it.
I would however say these moments are well written
and don't make you cringe whilst you read.
The characters are easy to connect with and well worth a read.
I'll review it more once I've finished reading it.


Now what are you doing this week?
It doesn't have to be crochet 
link up anything that you are making.


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  1. I;m confused. Came to add to Mr. Linky, but don't see it. Was going to add your badge to those in my sidebar, but will wait to see if Mr. Linky is just temporarily not working?

    The color coded charts at school aren't new. Been around for ages. Funny things come and go, and when they come back, they're viewed as new. I don't think it will change anything with regards to bullies. Kids always know who the teachers pets are, by whom they ask to do things, who gets called on etc. Not sure there's really anyway around that. The benefit of the colors is it put's the control in the hands of the child. They can move up or down and that's in their control, it teaches them responsibility in a game like manner. My understanding is it works far better then the teacher yelling all the time, putting kids in time out, sending them to corner, principals office etc.

    1. Sandy,

      Sorry about that, don't know what happened to Mr.Linky. I've hopefully sorted it now.

      I've found out this morning that they had the same system 6 years ago but stopped doing it. They have a new headmistress so I think that is why it has been brought in. We'll see how it goes. Little Red screamed for me and cryed his little heart out cause he didn't want to go in. Nearly the summer holidays.

    2. Oh, the tears are hard to deal with, hope things improve for you. Glad you got linky working. Will Add your badge and link...yippee. Then gonna go do spins for points on should too, but do your profile etc first so you get all your points.

  2. Reward incentive programs for classrooms change with each new psycho/social study that is published... I think currently it is being frowned upon and considered not a great method of eliciting appropriate behavior...You have pointed out some of the very reasons why...

    I know they are not used in the local school system...

    1. I wish they weren't being used in our school but I'll try and keep it positive for Little Red. It's difficult when schools make such big changes but don't give parents a say. It's our children that have to deal with their changes.

  3. The behaviour scheme sounds a bit over complicated, and it seems a really funny time to introduce it. I work in a school, and we have quite a good scheme - with just two colours green and red. It does work really well, as green can be a reward for good work, effort or good behaviour, and for a child to get onto red (which doesn't happen very often) they have to have done something fairly awful. Everyone is really consistent with the scheme, and the kids really understand it, so it does seem to work well. I don't think it leads to bullying, but the children I work with are quite little, and are mostly delighted to get praise or a sticker. I think it gets harder when the power of a sticker doesn't work any more.

    1. It is hard when you see children coming out of school crying. I think they are changing to the lower colours too easily. Little Red has stayed on green but has come out and told us when he has been warned.


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