Friday 1 June 2012

I've Made Friday Week 11

Wow another week has passed already.
I am so looking forward to this weekend.
As it's the Queens Jubilee Hubby is off on Monday & Tuesday.
Little Red is also off this next week.

I made the biggest mistake ever yesterday!
My son really wanted to go and see the olympic flame.
I eventually gave in and said we would go.
This meant walking up to where the flame was going past and waiting for over an hour for it to arrive.
Hubby carried a pack lunch and ran round after Little Red
but the walk etc has had really bad effects on me.
By the time we got back I was in that much pain that my body went into shock.
Little red thought I was just cold as I was shivering and my teeth were chattering.
I went to bed taking some medication first.
Within an hour I was awake again with a really bad asthma attack.
I was then sick and things didn't get any better.
About 2am this morning I finally got some sleep.
Today I am in so much pain and finding it difficult to eat.
Although I am going through all of this
I'm glad we went for little Red.
He enjoyed himself so much!


Little Red really enjoyed it and for him to be able to see the flame being lit was fantastic.

Now onto what I've been making this week.

A knight from Creepy, Cute Crochet book

A cardigan for a preemie baby
using the pattern:
fantastic pattern to follow!
Really enjoyed making this one

roll top booties.
I used a smaller hook to make these smaller
as the baby is only 4 1/2 lbs
using the pattern:

A hat using the pattern:

I made another hat using the same pattern
but used a smaller hook

I then added some spikes to the larger hat.

I've read a couple of books this week
I decided to finish off
the Vampire Acedemy Series.
First I read book 5 Spirit Bound
I got a bit frustrated by this book.
I felt that some of the lessons that had been learnt in the previous books were repeated.
I know we don't always make right decisions but
I got a bit frustrated with them being used again.
It did have a lot of twists and turns
and it was needed for the next book in the series.
I am really going to miss this series of books.
I loved the ups and downs, the love and friendship
that runs through it all
This was a beautiful ending to a fantastic series.
Lots of exciting things happened
to get to the ending.
All the characters pulled together to make a fantastic ending.
This is well worth reading!

 I'm hoping to have a lovely relaxing weekend.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
If you are celebrating the jubilee
I hope you have a fantastic time!

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  1. I'm so sorry you ended up in so much pain after your outing. :-( Some times the sacrifices we make for our loved ones can be painful, right?! :-] But he'll have a memory that'll last him quite a while!...I'm looking forward to seeing all of the summer sports soon! ('s summer for us here in the states anyway!) Feel

    1. Oh yes but well worth it! He got all excited and took the pictures to show his friends at school who didn't manage to go.

  2. Sorry about the ill-effects of the outing, but it's hard not to be excited when you see the flame. My BIL was a torch bearer for the 2010 Olympics and it was really cool to see. His son was so excited he ran along side :)

    Cute little baby things! Especially those little roll-top booties!

    1. WOW that must of been fantastic to be a torch bearer! I'm glad they let his son run alongside! Over here they had security all round them.

      thanks I must admit the roll-tops were really easy to follow as well. I really like this pattern.

  3. Wow! getting to see the flame is pretty awesome. I love your little knight.

    1. Little Red loved it! He had such fun with his friends and then to see it so close just made his day!

  4. wow the flame! It has been the one thing that has really got me excited about 2012.

    1. I must admit I wasn't that bothered about going but to see little Red's face when he got so close and saw it lit made it!

  5. My cousin was a torchbearer for the 2010 olympics and she still speaks of it with reverence. It was the greatest experience of her life next to having her children.
    I'm glad you went and that little Red got to see the flame being lit. It will be something that he will be able to tell his grandchildren one day :)
    As for the ill effects of the outing, I know what it's like and when it comes down to it, it's all worth it :) just takes time to recover but you will be ok :)

    1. Thank you ever so much. Little was so excited and took his pictures to school the very next day.
      I'll recover, it will just take time and rest.
      At least hubby is here for the next 4 days to help :-)


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