Wednesday 6 June 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 11

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I hope everyone in the UK (& the rest of the world) had a fantastic Jubilee!

My mum had a tea party yesterday to celebrate.
Here is Little Red with his Uncle having some fun!
Not sure which one is the adult ;-)

I haven't been myself since the Olympic flame.
I pushed myself too much and now the brain fuzz
has really kicked in.
I'm resting and trying to get my brain to work a bit better.
I'm also having a new problem with my feet.
I've never had fantastic circulation but
now my feet seem to be struggling.
When I press down on my foot it takes a while for the blood to return.
I have really dry skin (which I've never had previously)
and my feet keep turning purple with orange spots.
I'll see what the doctor says next time I go.

Due to my brain fuzz and having to rest I decided to use the time to work on my blanket.
I manage to sew quite a bit of my 
African Flower Blanket together.
As you can see it has really grown.
The picture doesn't really do the colours justice.
The next time we get some sunshine I'll take another picture.

I decided as the brain fuzz was bothering me
I would try another blanket.  
I wanted something repetitive that didn't need yarn changing.
I started off trying:
The pattern should turn out like this:
This is a free pattern
Mama's Stichery Patterns site. 
I liked the pattern but I had made it too long and the pattern
used a lot of yarn so I decided to frog it and try another one.

I decided upon:
This is the picture of the pattern I am following:
Image of Smoky Mountain Ripple Afghan
The pattern is from Lion Brand
This is how far I have got with mine:
This is what it looks like close up:
I am really enjoying this pattern.
It has a fantastic result and is nice and easy to follow.
I am using the yarn I won at Christmas which
is Caron Wintuk4
worsted weight yarn.

Little Red is off this week
so we have been making a Dinosaur Island.
Little Red has a book called Dinosaurs Craft Topics,
which gave the instructions of how to build the island.
We haven't finished it yet but we have made the salt dough island.
Next is painting and then building the trees.

I am reading:
I have only just started the book
but it's a fantasy book
regarding a world in turmoil
full of dragons, monsters, wizards & magic.
I hope you are doing well with your projects.
Please feel free to join in:


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  1. Fun picture of the 2 "kids". The ghan is really coming along nicely. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. Have you tried foot massages to improve circulation? Foot baths can do the same thing, actually a massage period...improves circulation all over.

    1. Thanks, yes the 2 kids had lots of fun, especially making lots of noise! Yes I'm trying to massage them at least once a day but not having much luck. I have lovely hot baths but as soon as my feet move from the heat source I'm back to they way I was. It's probably just another affect of the cfs. Fingers crossed I can get it sorted.

  2. So sorry you are feeling poorly, but i hope the doctors have some answers for you.

    The second attempt at the blanket is nice. Looks like it is going pretty fast.

  3. Very cool how your ripple afghan is pooling. It makes it very interesting!

  4. Love the blankets. Wish I was there to have tea with you and the fam!! Sounds like a jolly good time pip pip :)

  5. really interesting pooling on your ripple, coming along nicely!

  6. The African FLower blanket looks ace


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