Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Waffling ignore if you want to

Well it's just after 3am in the morning
in the UK.
If you don't feel reading feel free to ignore this post.

My asthma is being naughty at the moment
so the doctor prescribed some steroids.
I only started taking them when I got home
this afternoon so they kicked in big style
at bedtime.
Hence the reason I am posting at this stupid hour!

There is so much going round in my head at the moment!

In the UK the school year runs from September to the end of July.
My son came home from school the other day
and asked what he has to do to get star of the week.
We didn't even know they were doing star of the week in his class this year.
The thing is what do you tell your child when you know it is because he isn't
one of the "chosen" children.
Have schools not learnt yet?
My son is one of the youngest in his year
so of course isn't as good academically as the children a year older.
However is average for the year and has moved up a group in his phonics.
I am highly proud of his, yes I know I'm his mum.
He try's his best most of the time - well he is a boy.
I know he can lose focus at times but if you praise him he will then do
anything for more praise.
It seems because he just is and just gets on with things he gets ignored by the system at our school.
Every year they have assemblies that the parents can watch and the Christmas play.
Before we even get there I can write down who is going to get the main parts.
I can write down who is going to get the least part to play.
My son is always one of the ones who gets the least part.
I wish I could say it's only in this year but it carries on to every year.
I know it's easier for the teachers this way but I also know it means
a lot of kids give up even trying!
If you are never picked and never praised what is the point.
They do split them up into ability groups but Little Red is on
the top of one and doesn't seem to get moved up
as it's easier for the teacher to leave him to get on with the task
whilst she is having to spend more time with others in the group.
She even told me this!
I have written to the teacher today with Little Reds question
but it broke my heart when he asked.
There is part of me that wants to fight the system and get my child noticed
but then there is the other part that says what is the point!
I don't have the energy to fight but this is my child
do I not owe it to him!

Anyway I've made one decision through this.
I'm going to work with him this summer holidays!
I already do quite a bit with him.
We play games that are educational (without him knowing about it)
Any questions he asks we try and answer truthfully and honestly even if they are tough ones.
We do some work in his star books but
at the moment he has reading, maths homework, library book, spelling
and other tasks each week for homework from school.
I am hoping with the time we have through the summer holiday
we can do more fun experiments, use his microscope more
and do more work in his star books.
I want my son to enjoy learning and I'm hoping if it's fun
he'll enjoy the world and learning about it.
Yesterday he was already making plans for getting his books
on trees and insects and going out looking to see if he could find things.
I had to let him know we wouldn't be able to find a killer whale :-)

Anyway I've waffled enough!
I'm off to see if sleep will come!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

I'm making a large pretend hammer for Little Red.
Wonder which cartoon he has been watching?



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