Friday 8 June 2012

I've Made Friday Week 12

Good morning everyone!
I hope you are all having a good week!

Little Red is off school this week
so it's been raining!
It hasn't stopped us having some fun :-)

We painted it using poster paint.
We then used twisted pipe cleaners
as the trees.
Then we added some tissue paper leaves.
All in all I don't think it turned out bad.
Little Red loved painting it.

Now this week I read
1st to Die
James Patterson

This is the first book in a crime series
involving the Women's Murder Club.
The main character is Lindsay a homicide cop.
The murder story follows a serial killer
who is killing newly married couples.
You are given the clues throughout the story
and the clues give many twists and turns
to keep you guessing.
If you love a good murder series I would
recommend reading this one.
I give it 4 out of 5

Now here is what I have been making this week:
My yarn bag is finished.
I am typing up the pattern at the moment
so I'll hopefully have the pattern for you soon!

 I finished off the shorts for the preemie set.
I used the Dandelion Daydreamers
pattern by Patti Gonsalves
The pattern is for a set of trousers but I just made less rounds
& made them into shorts.

I finished my blanket :-)
I am really pleased with how it turned out.
Little Red has been curled up on the couch with it since it was finished.
I used the Smoky Mountain Ripple Pattern
by Lion Brand

Now it's your turn to show off what you have been making:

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. oooh that bag is perfect, I would love the pattern, and the colours you've used are great. have a knitty friday xxx

    1. The pattern is being published on a post tomorrow. Thanks ever so much.

  2. Isn't lovely how our children love to snuggle under the blankets we made with love? I linked, even thought for me it is only barely Friday (1:14 am). For me, I am catching up on grannies...this year it is always the grannies!

    1. I must admit I'm making the most of the snuggles because I am sure once he is older it won't be cool to be seen snuggling mum. Grannies are fantastic!

  3. Is it Robinson's island or Little Prince's planet? It's lovely.

    1. It's a dinosaur Island. We got it from the book: Dinosaurs Craft Topics. Thank you ever so much, he loved making it!

  4. However do you finish all of these projects each week? I am truly impressed.

    1. I have CFS so I have to rest a lot! I'm in the middle of a crash so have to be careful what I do. Crocheting helps me to relax and rest. I also don't feel the pain as much when I am crocheting.

    2. I have CFS so I have to rest a lot! I'm in the middle of a crash so have to be careful what I do. Crocheting helps me to relax and rest. I also don't feel the pain as much when I am crocheting.

  5. I love your knitting bag!

  6. Oooh that bag is an eyecatcher!!! And you are so productive, how do you do that?
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you ever so much! I have CFS and crocheting helps with the resting and the pain. Crocheting makes me feel like I can achieve something!

  7. Beautiful work! There are so many gorgeous crochet patterns and talented crocheters out there that I think I'm going to have to more fibre art rabbit hole for me to loose myself down!

    1. It's well worth loosing yourself in! The thing I love about crochet is you only have to learn a couple of stitches before you are able to design your own things. I would highly recommend learning from you tube!

  8. Very nice were a busy girl.

  9. Thank you for the shorts pattern! I'd been looking for a crochet version for a while now and here you are :) And yours look perfect!
    I also love that blanket, very pretty and I don't blame Little Red for curling up on the couch with it, it looks soft and comfy :)

    Thanks for sharing your FO's Sue!

    1. You are more than welcome. Thank you ever so much!

  10. That bag and blanket are amazing. I love them so much. You're super talented XD

  11. I love your blanket, so cheerful! you've been busy!

  12. Your yarn bag is so very fantastic. I'll be on the lookout for the pattern.

  13. Boy have you been busy. The preemie shorts look adorable.

  14. Your projects are so cute. I especially like the acorn, it's so fun. Enjoy summer vacation!


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