Wednesday 13 June 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 12

 I don’t know when this post will be on the internet so that you can read it.
My internet is down L
I must admit I feel like my arm has been cut off.

Now on a more positive note
Here are my things that I am doing
This week
My flower blanket hasn’t got any further
I needed a break from the ends J

I have started another blanket

This is from the tree of life pattern.
I don’t know whether I will manage it
But I am hoping it turns out ok.

I have also been making a Dragon hat

The basic hat is made, I just need to make the features.

I’ve finished a few things as well this week
But you’ll have to wait till Friday
To see what they are.

I’ve even been needle felting for Little Red.

I was reading a different book but
My brain decided it needed something a bit lighter
So I started reading:
Accidentally Married to….. a Vampire?
By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
I am really enjoying this series of books
This one is about a Vampire and his
Quest to be free from his queen.
It follows his quest and how a
Normal woman gets involved as
His “true love”
I love the fact that these books
Are interesting, lots of twists and turns
But still has a lot of sarcasm to keep
You laughing.


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  1. oooh cute dragon hat, I love that. and the colour of your tree blanket is perfect - really sweet.

  2. Once, I thought my phone died... three hours later, I was able to reset it. I've never felt more alone than I did in those 3 hours... it's terrible to admit. :-D I hope you get your internet back ASAP!

    1. Isn't it terrible how addicted we are to technology these days! It turns out they were upgrading it so it's back online and even faster :-)

  3. Looks like I should start linking up here too.
    I have so many started projects and also more that I want to start.
    It never ends, but if I don't start learning to finish what I've started, none of them will ever end! LOL

  4. The forked tail on the hat is so cute. I made a dragon scarf one time, since our grade school mascot is the Dragons. I didn't think to use a forked tail.

    1. Thank you ever so much! I bet your scarf looked fantastic!

  5. The blanket looks great. I'd very quickly need a break from ends so I'd likely have to put myself on a five-a-day schedule, or something like that :)

  6. I'm such a goofball sometimes! So I just realized that I linked up twice today. I must have hit the button earlier when I was working on my post because it included last weeks info. Oh well! Sorry I look like a needy nerd!
    Take a look at your hat-in-progress on this weeks post! It's almost done - all the pieces are ready to be sewed on. Hooray!
    Happy Wednesday!


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