Wednesday 11 January 2012

WIP Wednesday 11/01/12

Happy WIP Wednesday everyone!

Well I only have one WIP but I'm afraid it hasn't changed:

I've been trying to finish an order for a scoodie so my blanket has been put on hold.

Below are a few snippets of the scoodie (I'll be showing the full scoodie on FO Friday):

The customer wanted a hood, scarf and mittens all in one, they wanted it to have ears, look like a tiger but be in cream and brown.  I hope she likes it because it has taken a lot of hours and a lot of work.  At first I tried to keep changing the colour all attached but the wool at the back looked too messy.  i then tried tying in all the change ends but it took me about 1/2 hour to make a couple of rows.  Then I made the cream scoodie and decided to sew on the markings.  I must admit that most people who see it are only seeing colours and patterns so when they see the cream and brown they ask if it's a giraffe.  As long as they like it that is all that matters!

My husband asked me last night how long it had taken and how much had the yarn etc cost.  he worked out that if I gave myself the minimum wage, the price of the yarn I should charge £40 for the scoodie.  I explained to him that although that's what should be charged I also have to charge what people will actually pay otherwise I won't sell anything.  How do you calculate how much you charge for the things you make?

hope you are all having a good WIP Wednesday.  Please click on the link to check out Tami's and others fantastic WIPs:


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