Saturday 28 January 2012

Guest Bloggers

Would you like to be a
guest blogger?

I am opening up my blog to guests

Once a week I will give a blogger a chance to guest blog

Saturday or Sunday which ever is best for the blogger

I am also open to guest giveaways

If you would like to join in just send me an email

All I ask is that you place a link to the post on your blog

In return I will spend the weekend:

Tweeting about the post (over 100 followers)
Posting on my facebook group crochet addict (over 5,000 followers)
Posting to my friends on a number of accounts (over 5,500 friends)
Following you on Pinterest and pinning some of your items to my board

If you have any queries/questions please do not hesitate to contact me!


  1. Hi Susan, many thanks for stopping by my blog, I am happy to be a guest,cheers Marie

  2. Hello Susan,
    I have a pattern giveaway going on over at my blog right now.

  3. Marie from Soft Earth Art is our first Guest Blogger. Take a look, her work is fantastic! I am following her work and looking forward to everything she will and has created.

    Mel - I have blogged about your giveaway! Hopefully sending some bloggers your way.

  4. Me encantó!!!!! Voy a ver si este año antes del invierno tejó dospara mis hijas!!!

  5. Hi Susan found you on google+ and popped over to say hi. Very cute crochet work, me I am usless at knitting and crochet. Am I allowed to tell you about my giveaway?
    I am adding one item per day till I reach 14 items. Feel free to pop over


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