Sunday 1 January 2012

Welcome everyone to 2012

My List for 2012:

I have now joined Ali's A Granny A Day

I may not make one a day but I at least want to make one a week :-).  Click on the picture to go over and join in.

I have also joined:

I have downloaded the pattern for my first 6" square.

The other crochet along I have joined is:
I am struggling on the circle one.  Had to give-up and frog a few times now :-(
But I've finished my food and fibres square:

I choose to do mine in a finer yarn and one colour as it was my first real go at doing a crochet sqaure.  I'm going to pin it to keep it's shape and then it will be ready to join to next months :-)

I am also going to try and make 2 mittens and 2 hats a month for the african orphanage.  I am awaiting a reply from the orphange about setting up a website so watch this space.

I also have my wishlist.  I have already started my african flower blanket and have nearly finished my first 30 hexagons.  Photo's to follow on WIP Wednesday.

Hope you all have a fantastic 2012!


  1. Wow! You are doing great Susan. I have given up on the circle one as well. The pattern instructions aren't very good on that one.

    I haven't started the More V's please yet. Plan to do that one today. I will let you know. You are going to be busy this year! Happy New year!

  2. These are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy New Year1


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