Monday 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012

I was going to wait till Wednesday to blog but I'm too excited!!!!!

To start 2012 I decided to sort my stuff out.  I was good and only did an hour then an hour rest etc so it's taken me a while but it's sorted!   I am just so happy.  My kind husband let me get a new bookcase for the bedroom so I could sort my books and things out.

Then above our cupboards I now have all my yarn sorted.  Each draw has a different colour in and in the baskets each bag holds a different colour.  I know where everything is and can easily find everything now!  Since I learnt to crochet I have been buying bits and bobs off ebay and going to wool shops at the market etc for the exact colour.  I have recently bought my first yarn from a yarn website so the plastic bags hidden round the house just weren't good enough anymore.  Everytime I go into the bedroom now it just makes me smile :-)

The cardigan is a wonderful present from my mum and dad for christmas.

The pictures are of my son and some of hubby as well.  Each year we get a calendar printed for all the family of different pictures of little red (my son). As the year ends and the calendar is finished I cut out the pictures and put them up round our and my sons bedroom. 

Hopefully now I'm organised I'll be more productive with the yarn I've got :-)

What space do you have for all your crafty things.

The other thing to squeee about is I've ordered some things so I can try some different things this year.  I can't wait for them to come, pictures will be posted when they arrive but it might take upto 25days to arrive :-(.  I have ordered a full set of tunisian hooks, tunisian hooks with the flexible ends and a set of knitting needles.  All are in bamboo because I love working with naural hooks and needles. I wish I could afford wood but I am hoping to get one of my favorite sized crochet hooks in wood for my birthday - roll on March!

Anyway it's time for my number one son to go to bed.  Hope you like my post.  Let me know what you have set-up for your things.


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  1. I sat in the kitchen floor last night and emptied three (yes 3) boxes of yarn out onto the floor. Hubby walked by and said NO MORE YARN. I gave him a sweet puppy dog face and said please just a little. I got it all sorted and put into two boxes somehow. I would love to have a little more room in my bedroom to store some of my goodies. Maybe one of these days. I will post some of the yarn pics on my blog. Have a great night.


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