Friday, 20 January 2012

FO Friday 20/01/12

Yeah it's Finished Off Friday!
My negative positive for today is:
Negative:  Been ill this week and struggling to crochet at times
Positive:  I have time to relax, soak in the bath and think of new ideas

I always love having new ideas in my head.  Just wish I had more hands so I could make them quicker.

I've got a number of FOs as I've been making things for Valentines Day:

My Valentine Kindle Cover
I wanted to soften the top off so instead of doing a straight finish I decided the shell stitch would work better.
So many people are buying kindles that I thought it would be a nice cover to make.

I do love my hats :-)
I may even take a picture of me wearing this one as it looks really good on.
I think I'm creating my theme for Valentines.  I love the colours and I think the shell stitch gives a soft romantic edge.  Of course as it's valentines it needs a heart.

A mug cosy.  I'm going to take a better picture (if it ever brightens up)

A coffee cosy.

I have also made my first charity hat.  I wanted to make a basic beanie so that I can make more quicker and then everyone gets one similar.  I have chosen a bright orange to start as I wanted to combat the dull at the moment with something bright.

To my excitement I have started learning Tunisian crochet
I wanted something basic to start with so I decided to make my son a cowl

My son loves it which is the most important thing.  This should be the inside of the cowl but my son loved the texture of it and wanted it as the front instead.  I love the way it looks like knitting but it's just as fast and easy as crochet :-)

I also made him a hat and mittens to match.  The mittens were meant to be fingerless but Little Red want them to have ends on that he could open if he wanted to

last but least here is my little man wearing his new set.  He is wearing his pjs as he wanted to wear them as soon as he got up this morning.

I hope you've enjoyed all my FOs
I will be selling my Valentines items on my website:
My website has just been updated

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