Thursday 9 October 2014

Pirate Robo Fish ~ Product Review

Robo Fish Pirate Play Set | Tobar Wholesalers | Tobar

The collectible Robo Fish craze continues with this swashbuckling line of brand new pirate models. 
The Robo Fish Pirates series introduces six more variants to the design pool, 
each one sporting a very pirate-like look. 
Skulls, cross bones, scars and buccaneer accessories have been applied to five clownfish 
and one shark, all of them ready to terrorize the depths of any fish bowl.
 Just like their regular brethren Robo Fish Pirates are water-activated, 
allowing them to start swimming as soon as they hit the water's surface. 
Each fish comes with a plastic display stand and two sets of batteries to keep it swimming for longer.

I couldn't believe how excited Little Red was about this toy!
He has real fish but of course you can't really interact with them.
That's where Robo Fish are different!

They come in exciting packaging and then this fantastic
tube which keeps them safe before you start to play.

As you can see they are very cute, sorry tough :-).
Little Red loves the fact tat it's designed as a pirate fish.
With the red bandanna, the scars and the skull
they look very piratey.

Little Red has his sat on his desk when he isn't playing with it.
He's taken it to school on a rainy day to show his friends.
Then mum had to walk home with the fish.

As you can see as soon as it was placed in the water the fish started swimming.
Little Red's face lit up!

He loved the fact that he could put his hand in and direct it and play with it :-)



As you can see Little Red is having great fun with his Robo Fish.
As with all Tobar products they are fantastic qualtity.
You are also supplied with spare batteries so they can have hours of fun.
These fish are a little easier to look after than real fish and a whole lot more FUN!

We received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. I love the look on his face when it started to swim! Pure happy boy. :)


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