Thursday 30 October 2014

Lapland Mailroom ~ Santa Letter ~ Product Review

Christmas is fast approaching!
Little Red still belives in Santa and what better way
to keep up the magic than a letter from Santa.

The letter comes addressed directly to them and with the Red
postmark saying it's come from Santa the excitement begins immediately.


I took Little Red's to school for him to open.
He was soo excited when he saw who it was from.


The letter comes with a picture of Santa and has little small
details that you can add to make the letter personal to your child.
There are four different letters to choose from, including one
for baby's first Christmas.

There are multiple things you can also receive with your letter.
I love the nice child list certificate.
Little Red has been warned that he has to behave and stay
on the nice child list.

You can also choose for the child to receive the activity pack.
It really is a full pack.
There is so much for them to make and do in the run up to Christmas.


With everything from a Santa stop here sign, a Christmas card to colour,
door hangers, decorations & puzzles to work on it will
keep them busy and having fun.
I haven't even shown you everything that you receive in the pack.
Little Red has already started working on his things for Christmas.

All of the items are really good quality
and Little Red completely believed they were from Santa.
To see his face light up was so magical!
We are going to have such good fun with everything.
Little Red is also taking his letter to all of his relatives to
show off the fact that Santa sent him a letter.

The letters are easy to complete and the instructions on the site are easy to follow.
You quickly get your beautiful letter and everything inside.
I think they are really good value as they are made to such
a high standard.
I wouldn't have any problems recommending their services.

It's well worth making a child's Christmas special.

We received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


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