Sunday 12 October 2014

How to Make Little Needle-Felted Teddy Bears ~ Book Review

by Judy Balchin & Roz Dace
ISBN: 9781782210696
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: 22 September 2014
RRP: UK£8.99 US/CAN $17.95

Available direct from Search Press

Christmas is fast approaching!
This book is ideal in itself as a Christmas present,
or why not make some of the bears as presents.

This book gives you all the advice and techniques you'll need
to make each of the fantastic designs.
We have a tradition that Little Red always get a Soft Toy
at Christmas to remember that year with.
This year I think he is old enough to receive one that can
sit in his bedroom.
I think I will make him one of the bears from this book.


The book starts with everything you'll need to know to make the basic bear.
Each process is clearly explained with easy to follow pictures and diagrams.


Then each bear's different characteristics is explained.
The tips and instructions are really easy to understand and follow.


The book also includes templates so that you can get everything to the right size and shape.
This means that everyone from a beginner to a more experienced needle-felter
can make all of the designs.


Each of the designs is such good fun!
and the process of changing the basic bear to a different character
is simple but extremely effective.


They would make great presents as gifts and keepsakes.
You could make them as anything from a wedding to a Christmas present.


With 18 different designs to choose from you'll be sure
to be making them for a while.
You can pick this book up everytime that you need that special present for someone.

I love this book and I'm really excited about making one for Little Red.

Available direct from Search Press

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However all opinions expressed are my own.
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