Friday 10 October 2014

I've Made Friday Week 120

Good Morning everyone!

Wow October is turning out to be cold and wet!
It seems to have been raining ever since the month started.
The plants are loving it after all the sun we've been having.
It really has changed into autumn (fall).
The leaves are all falling off the trees and all the bees and butterflies
have hibernated for the winter.
It's brilliant weather for curling up on the couch and crocheting :-).
I just have to keep reminding myself about how much less I can do.
When the weather is beautiful and sunny I can get a good blast of vitamin D
and it seems to help me recover a bit quicker.
Unfortunately now we have the autumnal weather I can't do that.
I have had to reduce what I do and when I do over do it
I come down with an infection straight away.
I only went out for dinner on Tuesday this week and the noise
and activity meant within 6 hours I had a throat infection.
Oh well I'll just have to rest and crochet :-).

I've had a busy crocheting week this week.
I made and designed a hat to go with my green shawl.

Little Red then wanted a Stampy Cat Hat (Minecraft)

This was a super quick make.
I love the fact that Little Red can put in a request
and a couple of hours later I can have it made.
I love to see his face once I've finished :-).
You can check out his YouTube Channel

I also finished my cushion:
It's from the book Crocheted Cushions.
I'll be reviewing the book
but I can say that it's brilliant.
This little cushion is going to be used on my little spinning chair :-).

I haven't finished the skull yet but I'll hopefully have that finished soon.
I'm going to start posting the different items as I add them to my decorations.
It's time to get this house converted for Halloween :-).

I read (listened) to:
Blue Monday
by Nicci French
This is the first in the Frieda Klein Novel series.
The writing is fantastic.
I really felt part of the book and my emotions followed the book.
The story follows Frieda Klein a Psychotherapist.
It follows her daily life and her patients.
The background story follows a 5 year old boy that has been kidnapped.
I did find the story harrowing at times
but that just shows how good the writing is.
Frieda suspects one of her patients but she doesn't realise
how twisted the plot is going to get from her suspicions to them
finding the culprit.
I don't want to give too much away just in-case you want to read the story.
The only thing that let the story down for me was the ending.
I actually got very mad at the ending.
I think the characters were better than the ultimate ending.

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  1. hey Sue how are you? I am not the greatest crocheter I am better at knitting. I am wondering if you could email the pattern for making the Stampy hat. I would love to try to make it. Thank you. Take care my email is

    1. I'm really sorry I don't have the pattern written up. I am unable to at the moment due to my health.

  2. Hi, i was wondering if you ever got around to writing the pattern for that fabulous stampy cat hat. i you have do you think you could email it to me?

    1. I am really sorry but I haven't and I was unable to contact you as you are a no reply so I don't have your address

    2. I'm really sorry but I'm not able to at the moment. My son is off school so I am looking after him.

  3. So is that a no even if I give you my email? I'm trying to make this for my little brother who LOVES him. But if you are unable I totally understand. Pattern writing is hard!

    1. I'm really sorry but I'm not able to at the moment. My son is off school so I am looking after him.

    2. I completely understand! If you ever do get around to doing it though or any stampy themed things for that matter please feel free to email me at


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