Wednesday 18 June 2014

What You Doing Wednesday

Hi everyone sorry there wasn't a post last week.

Little Red had a tummy bug so spent a couple of days off school.
He's fine now but school has a rule of no school
for 48hrs after last symptom.

The weather is beautiful at the moment!
It's so nice to see the sunshine.

I'm working my way through books, blogs 
and loads of information to try and help my CFS & Fibro.
I'm now taking Maca Root Capsules, Coconut oil, Magnesium, Chlorella,
CoQ10 as well as all of my normal vitamin tablets.
I feel like I rattle but I'm willing to give anything a try if it helps.
I'm also trying to find more alternative therapies to help with the pain.
So I've ordered a few things:
HoMedics iHeal Tissue and Cell Repair Unit
HoMedics Magnetic Neck Wrap
 Copper Rhodium Magnetic Bangle Bracelet

I've also ordered a splint for my wrist and thumb, a cold\hot compress pack,
a tennis elbow pressure strap.
I already use a thumb/wrist strap, back strap & ankle support.

I'm hoping if I can make it all bearable then I won't
have to take as many pain meds.
It also helps me feel more positive.
It makes me feel like I'm doing something and taking
control of it.

Now onto the fun stuff!!!!

I'm making my son a rainbow blanket.
It's taking slightly longer than I was hoping
as Each evening he wants to take it to bed.

I'm loving making it and I love the design.
It's from the 154 Crochet Waves Patterns from Leisure Arts.

I can't wait to make more of the designs.
I might even make some as presents for people.

I'm making myself a set of leg warmers.
I haven't got very far as I got sidelined with the blanket:

They should hopefully look something like this:
Instant download - Crochet PATTERN for leg warmers (pdf file) - Luxury Leg Warmers
This beautiful pattern for Leg-warmers is from Mon Petit Violon Designs

I also have something a bit exciting as well.
I wasn't sure I was going to tell you all
but as I'm quite enjoying it.....
I'm learning to knit with Craftsy :-)

Online Knitting Class

I am really enjoying the course!
I love the way you can rewind and play when ever you want.
Stefanie goes through everything step by step.
I'm learning the continental style of knitting.
So don't laugh but this is how far I have got

I'm still not very proficient but I feel really confident casting on
and Stefanie has some fantastic tips that have really helped.
I've tried a number of times and previously I gave up
pretty quickly.
This time feels different.
It feels like I might even succeed.
As I'm still getting used to it it's going very slow
so I'll post pictures each week showing how I'm going.

I'm not adding the linky yet but you are more than welcome 
to add a comment with a link and I'll pop over and check out
your work :-).


  1. The blanket looks great. Good for you for learning to knit. I tried to teach a knitter how to crochet and I wasn't very successful but I think it's easier for a crocheter to learn to knit.
    You can check out my project at

    1. It's taken me loads of attempts. I find crochet so easy as it's easy to correct mistakes. I am enjoying the journey :-)
      Wow so busy!! Can't wait to see the bunny finished :-)

  2. Hey, If your interested in getting free patterns or maybe trying to get more traffic to your site via ur own free patterns. Please come and check us out:D We have a section on our website for people to post links to their free patterns.

  3. Hooray for leg warmers! It is winter here and I have been wearing mine -
    Leg warmers are so much fun and quick to do. That's certainly a pretty pattern that you have chosen with the frills at the top and stylish buttons. Buttons would make longer legwarmers (thigh high) much easier to put on. I might try that next time. Thanks for the inspiration and glad you are all on the mend in your household.

    1. So glad you like the pattern. Wow what fun and fantastic legwarmer patterns! Thanks


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