Friday 27 June 2014

I've Made Friday Week 109

I hope you've all had a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

This weeks been a bit rough!
My infection got a lot worse.
I haven't been able to move off the couch all week.
It's a virus so there isn't anything the doctors can do.
Due to the CFS my body finds it more difficult to fight infections.
It might take me a bit longer but hopefully I'll get better soon.

Being stuck not being able to move has meant I've got a few
finishes this week:

I made a rubber band loom bracelet.
This is the fishtail design.
I followed the instructions from 
Rubber Band Loom Crafts
Available in Ebook and Book format from

Front Cover

It was so easy and fun to make.
The instructions were really easy to follow.
You don't even need a loom to make this design.
You can just use 2 push pins or something similar.

I finished the Octopus!

I decided to use googly sew on eyes on mine.
Little Red loves him and can't wait to give him to his swimming teacher.
He's already asked for one for himself.
The pattern is from Pepika
 It's available on Ravelry & Etsy

I was making a knitted scarf from the Craftsy
Knit Lab course
I was really enjoying making it but decided I wanted
to make something else.
So I frogged this one
and made..............

A Autobot washcloth for Little Red.
You can get the chart for it and others for free
She makes her slightly differently but I wanted to make
mine practising my knit and pearl stitches.
I managed to make it in one evening.

This week I listened to 
The Distant Echo
by Val McDermid

Fantastic book.
I love a good murder mystery and this didn't let me down.
The book follows 4 boys at University in Scotland.
They are coming home from a party,
there is snow all around.
One trips up and finds the body of a girl.
The story follows how it effects them through
life and how one nasty incident can follow you through life.
Years later they are being murdered but who and why.
They are going to have to solve the original murder to find out.

5 out of 5

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are still unwell...when one has a chronic condition it often takes 3 times longer (or more) to get over lurgies that everyone else manages to get over in days. Coincidentally, I was only today lamenting to a friend that one good thing about being sick (you gotta find the good things!) was being able to finished a few projects that had been neglected when I was well and busy running around! That is interesting that you can make loom bands without a loom - thank you for the push pin idea - I will put that to my youngest who does not own a loom but the loom band craze is going through the district at the moment.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. My hubby caught it and is already on the mend 4 days later. Me however haven't. I am recovering slowly and yes knitting and crocheting lots :-). Sometimes it's nice to stop and watch the world around. It's when you are ill you realise just how much you miss in daily life.
      The fishtail design is a really easy one to do without a loom. Some kids just do it on their fingers.
      Yes it's huge around here. My sons school has banned them as some kids had them all up their arms. The girls were making fantastic profits out of them.


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