Wednesday 25 June 2014

Amigos Dog Desk Organiser ~ Product Review

I would like you to meet "Red" (little Red named him :-)
he is an Amigos Dog Desk Organiser

If you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything
or a gift for someone special then this gift is perfect.

As soon as you open the packaging you realize just how
good a quality this product is.
The beautiful smell of leather is intoxicating.


Each of the desk organisers is handmade and of a fantastic quality.
You can put notes in his back or his mouth.


Not only that as a crafter you can use it to store you craft items.
I love it for putting my hooks in.
With the 4 pockets I can split my hooks into different sizes.

It's such good fun and easy to move about.
I took it with me when I went to pick up Little Red from school.
All of the mums and kids were very interested in it.
All of them said they could see the quality of it straight away.
They all agreed it was beautiful.


Little Red also loves playing with him.
He has him as his guard dog in his tent :-).

The other brilliant thing about them is they come in lots of different colours:

And if you don't like the dog you can get all sorts of different animals:

Bunny Desk Organiser Cat Desk Organiser
Rabbit                                             Cat

 Kangaroo Desk Organiser
Horse                              Kangaroo

Or how about a

Lizard Magnetic Memo Holder                                         Piggy Bank - Medium
Lizard Magnetic Memo holder                                                Piggy Bank

                    Magazine Holder

Leaf Bowl                                            Magazine Holder

There are loads of more fun things on the Two Animals site.

We love our Dog Organiser.
Fantastic quality with a beautiful natural product.
Quality handmade item!

I was received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


  1. Okay that little guy is just too cute!! I want one in blue for me, yellow for Lulu and red for Boo!! Thanks for sharing him. I can see why little Red likes him so much.


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