Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What You Doing Wednesday

I won't be adding the linky at the moment but I wanted to show you
what I am doing.
I might not be able to post every week but I will when I can.

My spinning is getting better with every skein.
As I am enjoying the spinning so much my hubby
said I could purchase some fleece.
Previously I have been buying wool tops
but I decided to purchase some Alpaca Fleece.

I decided to wash it as Alpacas love rolling in dust.
It was just a quick rinse as Alpaca doesn't need as much cleaning as sheep's wool.

I decided to comb a sample to see how easy it was.

It feels fantastic. I have never felt anything so light and soft.
I'm really excited about the thought of spinning it.

I decided with the yarn I have already spun (merino) I would make a granny blanket.
This will probably take me years to finish but each ball used
is Merino that I have spun.  At the centre is the first one I span and the outside
is the latest one.
It will need blocking once it's finished due to the different thickness's of yarn.
I could of never afford to make this blanket if it wasn't for the fact that
I took that extra time and spinned the yarn myself.

Thank you ever so much for bearing with me.

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