Monday 2 June 2014

It's Good to be back!

I'm so glad to be back, I missed you all!
It isn't quite the same showing my hubby what
I've made and getting a sarcastic reaction.

The doctor confirmed my fears and agree's that
all my symptoms are pointing to developing Fibromyalgia.
I have some new medication and I'm trying the ActiPatch 
as well as a tens machine.
Where possible I want to control as much of  not being my pain as possible
with natural methods.
The only problem I have is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia
is exercise but as I suffer from fatigue with CFS it's almost impossible.
I'm not going to put myself under too much pressure,
I'm just going to take each hour as it comes.

With this in mind I'm not doing my linky parties at the moment.
I'm going to keep my posts really flexible and try and get as
many as possible written in advance.
This way I can post when I am in the least amount of pain.

On a more positive note I have loads to tell you about what I've
been getting up to.
Whilst I've not been blogging I went on a cruise.
When my son was 4 years old he asked my parents to take him 
to see the leaning tower of Pisa.
My parents are big cruise goers so he also asked if he could go with them one time.
So after a lot of arranging we booked a cruise around Italy.
It was slightly complicated. 
As I couldn't guarantee not being hospitalised we really needed
my parents to be there.
Hubby would stay with me and my mum and dad would
carry on with Little Red.
Luckily I wasn't!
For my mum and dad to come my Auntie had to come over
from South Africa to look after my Gran.
She is 93 years and has dementia so needs full time care.
She can't go anywhere to be looked after as new places
make her condition worse.
We managed to get everything together and had the most
amazing time!
I'll be doing a separate post all about it!

Little Red with Grandad
at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I've also been trying to keep to my "Homemade" promise.
I am trying to give as many homemade presents as possible.
I'm not making them all myself but I am purchasing homemade items.

 Dog Purse

I bought this beautiful dog purse for my Aunties birthday.
Whilst we were on our cruise she looked after Benji.
She loves dogs so she loved having him to take out.
As a thank you and a nice present I bought this beautiful handmade purse.
I bought it from Ellsey Bellsey Etsy Store.
Her work is fantastic and there are so many beautiful things in her store.

You can find even more items on her website

Little Red's favourite is:
Dinosaur Pencil Case
and my favourite is:
Sewing Bee Sewing Kit

As I was their 50th Etsy sale they were also
kind enough to send me a beautiful gift.
It's a Lavender cushion.
I love the postcard look and it smell beautiful.

We still needed a present from Little Red.
As my Auntie is flying back to South Africa
it needed to be something small but special.
We decided on a Guardian Angel Charm.
Handmade Guardian Angel Bag/Keyring charm Silver & Lampwork glass beads crystals Gift idea
We bought this from the Etsy Shop: The Magic Mushroom 74

We also bought my husband and son a pen.
We thought it was a fantastic idea for a fathers day gift
and we also wanted to promote Little Red writing neater.

Each pen comes with a message about the beautiful pen and what it is made of.
You also get a certificate detailing what it has been made out of 
and confirming it is handmade by Homespun Pens.

Handmade wooden pen made from Purple heart wood, ball point twist action, black ink, wood turning
Little Reds pen is made out of Purple Heart Wood.

Handmade wooden pen made from Indian Ebony wood, ball point twist action, black ink, wood turning
Hubbies pen is made out of Indian Ebony wood.

Aren't they so beautiful!
There is nothing like the feel of real wood.
They make fantastic presents and each pen is unique
as it's made from real wood and each piece of wood
has it's won unique look.
There are soo many types of wood to choose from!
I hope you'll check out Home Spun Pens.

When/If I buy any more handmade items I'll share them with you.

I'll share everything I've made with you on Friday.
I've made quite a few items and can't wait for you to see them :-)

I hope you enjoy everything I've got coming up!


  1. Hi, welcome back! The vacation looks amazing, and it's good to 'see' you again. (I know I usually lurk, but I thought I would pop out to wave hello.)

    1. Jen,
      Thank you ever so much!!! I have missed you all sooo much. It meant so much to me to get your comment.
      (Waving back :-)

  2. Welcome back Sue!! So glad to see you here. Fibro sucks. I was diagnosed a year ago on top of everything I have. Good Luck to you! :-)

  3. Sheri,

    Thanks, it does!! That must be difficult for you! I hope they manage to get you sorted. I know it's a long round without an end in site but I hope things ease up with you.



  4. Sheri,

    Thanks, it does!! That must be difficult for you! I hope they manage to get you sorted. I know it's a long round without an end in site but I hope things ease up with you.




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