Tuesday 14 May 2013

Review of Titanium Rainbow Crochet Hook

Crochet Hooks, Titanium, Rainbow Colours, 5mm

I received a titanium crochet hook
to review.
It came beautifully packaged
With a beautiful card.
And it just so beautiful when I opened it.
I love the way the light catches all the different colours.

I wish they had touchable posts.
The hook feels so silky and smooth.
It is amazing the difference you feel in the touch.
Steel hooks feel so cold and rough
compared to the titanium.
They are quite expensive but wouldn't it be a wonderful
gift for a crocheter.
  • Smooth so doesn't catch the yarn
  • feels light compared to other hooks
  • Looks special (perfect for a gift)
  • Quite Expensive
  • I would prefer the groove of the hook to be longer as it sometimes slips off the yarn.
I think the hook  is a dream and it is well worth it's price.
It just feels so special when you see it and pick it up.
Crocheting with it is a dream as it slides so easily.
My verdict is:
This is a special beautiful hook and is ideal for a gift for yourself or 
someone special.

also sells many other special titanium items.
Pendant, Leaf, Titanium  Collar, Neckpiece, Titanium, Fine Jewellery Collar, Neckpiece, Titanium, Fine Jewellery
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Medieval Helms, miniature

I hope you will check out Kingfisher Titanium
and see all the other wonderfully beautiful things they have
in their shop!


  1. Really great blog post. Great layout to the blog and it makes me want some new hooks! Thank you!

    1. Thanks ever so much! Glad you like the blog and the hooks. The hooks are fantastic and I bet they could last generations. I hope you carry on enjoying the blog.

  2. Great review!
    Beautiful looking hooks,shame they don't have a soft touch style grip.
    If I were looking for a gift for a hooker and it was all about looks I'd choose these,I love the fluid look.

    1. Thanks! I've sent you comments to Julian so you never know ;-)

  3. I have two crochet hooks from Julian Adam, of kingfisher titanium, love his work, my two titanium hooks are absolutely my favorite! For those who want a softer handle I use pencil grips, usually two, they are soft,stay secure, lots of colors and they are cheap, removable and reusable! ������ Missy Sutton

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