Friday 10 May 2013

I've Made Friday Week 58

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope you are all having a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

You'll be glad to hear I have a few finishes this week :-).
Well I have to make up for last week.

I've finished the scarf.
Isn't it beautiful!
I think it would look excellent in a nice bright green or pink
as a spring/summer scarf.
It's such a beautiful accessory!
I would highly recommend the pattern
& in buying the pattern you are making a donation to charity.
What could be better!
I decided to keep my edges plain as I think it looks really sophisticated.

If you want to buy the pattern
the link is below:
It's available at Ravelry 
& Until 31st March 2014, 
£3 ($4.66) from the sale of each pattern will be donated to
the Wales Air Ambulance.
& the pattern only costs £3.25 ($5.05)

I've made this ever so cute little pig:
I received the pattern:

Piggy Sue Seated Pig

by Wee Sandy

I really enjoyed this pattern.
It was quick and easy with clear instructions.
I loved the way the pattern started off just the way I do.
I love the way the pattern is made without having to add things on except for the legs.
Everything is made on the round and once you start at the snout
you just carry on.
He is small and super cute!
At $2.50 this is a small price for such a cute pattern.
He is sat on my mantel brightening up my living room :-).

I finished my dragon hat.
I am going through and checking some of my patterns because I made some mistakes
and I want to make sure that I have amended them all.

I also finished my Hedgehog for Little Red:
Little Red loves him and has taken him everywhere with him
I think I'm getting better at sewing.
Tina's patterns have given me so much confidence.
You can buy the pattern (tutorial & instructions)
from the:

The patterns gave me so much confidence I decided to design my own.
Little Red wanted a Badger to go with his set.
Now I think it needs something more but here is my first try:
For my first try at designing I don't think he is too bad.
I want something else on his tummy but I'm not sure what will look right.
The photo and light doesn't show it up well
but the front is white and the back is grey.

The other week I made an iPad cosy
I received the pattern from Floom.
Well their shop is now open if you want to take a look at some of their other patterns etc.

Craftsy has some really exciting news!
They have a number of new courses:

May 8th
Leah Day: Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2 (quilting)

Sharon Wee: Design Your Own Castle Cake (cake decorating)

Cookie Gaynor: Digitizing Your Embroidery (embroidery)

Craftsy Logo

I was lucky enough to received a signed copy
of the World of Stephanie Laurens.
This is a book detailing all the books she has written.
Wow that's a lot of books!!!!
Have you read any of her books?

I read this week:

Altered Souls
by Karice Bolton
This is the 2nd Book in the Witch Avenue Series 
I enjoyed the 1st book so much I purchased the 2nd one straight away.
The story is based around 2 main characters 
Triss and Logan.
In book one a number of upsetting and strange things happened 
as Triss nears turning 18.
Since then she has learnt a lot about the disappearance of her mother
and what is happening to her friends and family.
The story has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing.
It is a fantastic twist on a witch story.
It's a struggle for Triss as she finds out the person behind everything is her father.
Her father hasn't really been part of her life and now she finds out
he is the person behind her mother's disappearance and everything else
that is going on in her life.
I really enjoyed this book!
If you like a good Witch book with lots of twists and turns then this 
book is a really good read.
I give this book 4 out of 5

Next I read:
White Bones: 1 (Katie Maguire) by Graham Masterton
Kindle:                      Book:   
The book is set on a farm in Ireland.
During some building works a farmer and his workers find the bones
of 11 women.
Not only were they murdered there bodies had been mutilated and a clue left
to the reason this women had been attacked.
It's Detective Katie Maguire's job to find out how, where and when
these women were murdered.
More is to come and the more that comes the more this murder mystery
takes an evil twist.
I could not recommend this book highly enough.
I was gripped from the moment I started reading it!!!
I loved the characters and I loved the way the book kept you guessing.
I would give this book 5 out of 5!

Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!
Please try and visit at least 2 other sites
to see what other people have been making.
Can you also put the pin and link to this page
so that we can get more people joining in.

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