Saturday 25 May 2013

Guest Blogger Week 65 Dinamic Crochet

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Thata

I’m Thata from Indonesia. I live in Surabaya . 

I love everything about craft since I was a little girl. 

Crocheting and Knitting is one of my fav too. 

Up and down when I was a teenager.

Now, crocheting and knitting is like a part of my life :D. I really enjoy it . 
Play with yarn and needle really exciting.  
Everywhere, everytime there is yarn and needle in my bag. LOL. 

Have a small workshop name “Saung Thalenta”.  
In Thalenta I could do whatever I like. LOL. 
I means I could designing everything I want to. 
I dye my yarns and play with colours. Love my experiment. 
You can see my page at Facebook if you want to see some of my work 

My blog name “Dinamic crochet”. 
Crocheting is something dynamic in my sight. 
You can make anything with it. 
You only need “imagination”.
I just want to say that you can do what ever you love with your imagination cause crocheting is dynamic. 
There is no limit or boundaries in it.

Beside as a designer , I’m a writer too. 
I wrote 5 books in Indonesian language. 
All of them about crocheting and knitting. 
I still love writing and hope my patterns could be an inspiration for young crocheters and knitter in my country. 
Ibu Yuni whose found me  and know that I have a talent to be a writer. 
She support me till now.  
Dinamic Crochet Group is where I can chit chat anything without worry. 
Crocheters and knitters in indonesia whose read my books or patterns and send me some emails that makes me feel splendid. 
Send their photos and share with me makes my life looks great. 
Without all my friends I’m nothing. 
I’m really glad with internet  I could meet great designer, great friends all over the world.  
They support me and inspire me a lot. 
Thank you so much for all your kindness and friendship to me. 
Really appreciate it. 

Some of my friends ask me where’s your inspiration came from?? 
Difficult to answer it. 
Cause it cames like a “click” in my brain when I saw something unique and interesting. 
My idea just sprang out and the difficult time is when my idea came late at night when It’s time to go bed. It’s really hard. 
I cant sleep before I sketched it. LOL. 
For a designer the important things in my opinion you must have a pencil and a note. 
If you cant realise your idea right now.. sketched it and write it. So the idea can't loose.

I also write patterns for free and sale online at Ravelry or Etsy. I have shop at Etsy  and if you want to try my free pattern please click at

Hope you love my works and glad could sharing with all of you

As a thank you Thata would like to offer a free pattern 
for her 8 Petals Flower Square
to the first 2 people who comment on this post. 

Thank you 
Wow you are such an inspiration!
I love the blanket & shoes!
I hope you will say thank you to Thata and visit her sites.


  1. Love the square!! And all of her other designs! Great post.

  2. Thank you so much. Glad to be your guest Sue. Happy crocheting always

    1. You are more than welcome! Happy crocheting to you as well :-)

  3. love all of your project and your pattern is great ... nice job !!

  4. good job mba Thata, love your design ..they are awesome! (especially your doilies) :))

  5. Hi mbak Tata, I always bought all your books and learns alot from there. Your design for the granny square are awesome. Can't wait for your new design :) cheers. Adeline

  6. Hi mbak Tata, I always bought all your books and learns alot from there. Your design for the granny square are awesome. Can't wait for your new design :) cheers. Adeline


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