Monday 27 May 2013

Ceramic Yarn Bowls

Today I wanted to do a spotlight post
about Ceramic Yarn Bowls.

I'm thinking of buying one
and wanted to see what was available on Etsy.

Here are just some of the beautiful bowls I've found:

Beautiful one of a kind handmade pottery yarn bowls OOAK Mulberry Yarn Bowl for Knitting or Crocheting - Handmade White Ceramic Yarn Bowl - Hand Painted - Kiln Fired - White
Made to order - The happy snail yarn bowl, hand thrown custom pottery yarn bowl Made to order - The 'wool' yarn bowl, hand thrown custom pottery yarn bowl Yarn bowl to keep your yarn in control while you are knitting or crocheting and a great storage bowl for when you are not knitting.
Square Top Yarn Bowl - BD00291 Yarn Bowl Right Handed Jaded Blue REGULAR SIZE 60-3 Yarn Bowl / Knitting Bowl / Crochet Bowl / White Yarn Bowl / 6 inch Yarn Bowl / Ready to Ship
yarn bowl in olive green, stoneware, knitting, crochet, pottery Yarn Bowl - Knitting Bowl in Blue and Red yarn bowl with sheep in reddish brown, stoneware pottery, knitting, crochet
Yarn Bowl Iron Red (As Featured in Vogue Knitting) MADE TO ORDER Green Stoneware Yarn Bowl or Knitting Bowl for a Single Skein Handmade Ceramic Yarn Bowl // Pottery Yarn Bowl // Rustic Blue // Knitting Supplies
Yarn bowl knitting or crochet wool hand thrown pottery ceramic Plum Purple Yarn Bowl, Knitting Bowl, Eggplant, KNITTER accessories, twisted leaf, stoneware pottery gift Handmade ceramics Yarn Bowl, Knitting bowl, Yarn bowls, Crochet bowl, yarn holder,
Yarn Bowl, knitting bowl, large,spring green, owls  handmade ceramic pottery create Yarn Bowl, Knitting bowl with handle, Handmade ceramic pottery Mouse Yarn Bowl - Made to Order
Yarn Bowl in Rust w/ Heart - Vogue Knitting LIVE NYC Yarn bowl, Stoneware Ceramic yarn bowl, with engraved playful cat No.2 Hen planter or yarn bowl
cat planter or yarn bowl Ceramic Yarn Bowl with Cat   Blue Green satin matte    knit  or crochet Ceramics Pottery yarn bowl with scrolls in White
Stoneware Yarn Bowl, Hand Painted and Sculpted  Hedgehogs Yarn bowl - Knitting bowl - LARGE yarn Holder with Cute Cat Mouth - handmade ceramic pottery by Heidi

Wow what a choice. I keep changing my mind which one I really like.
Little Red really loves the hedgehog but I just can't decide.


  1. I like the one with the little mouse on it. He is too cute.

  2. So many to choose from, I love them all too. I feel honored that you included mine amongst them.

    1. Yours deserves to be there! Glad you like them!

  3. Of all the yarn bowls in all the websites in all the world, she included mine.
    Thank you for the honor of being on your list of "beautiful bowls"! I hope the one you choose will make you very happy.
    Cindy Douglass

    1. Cindy, your bowl deserved to be there!! I still haven't been able to make my mind up :-)

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  5. Ceramic yarn bowls are the best source of decoration and you can take any kind of work from it regarding their nature. Make your best attempt and have a better taste. I like this form of the Crochet Addict as the better gun.

  6. It is ideal for those delicate and intricate projects where you want to create something beautiful, unique and special. garn rea


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