Tuesday 16 October 2012

Thanksgiving\Harvest Festival Traditions

Last week we discussed 
Halloween traditions.
This week I would like to talk about
Thanksgiving & Harvest fesitval traditions

Now this isn't something that 
we celebrate in England
but we do celebrate the Harvest festival.
Most homes don't celebrate it anymore
but Little Reds school does as it's a church school.
We put food and flower packages together
and these are usually distributed to the elderly.
In the past it was celebrated in a big way.
It was a way to give thanks to the harvest.
Some towns still have scarecrow festivals

Now it's your turn
if you have a post
or pattern etc that you would like to share
feel free to link

Also do you have any ideas for thanks giving hats?
These are the ones I've made so far:

And these are the ideas I have alraedy:
                                                  Toffee\Chocolate\Carmel Hat
Scarecrow hat
Acorn Hat
Pilgrim boy and girl hat
Indian Hat
Corn on the cob


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