Tuesday 16 October 2012

Halloween Lenses Must See!

Prior Warning!
The pictures are taken by me of me
so be warned.
I don't take the best of pictures.
They do however make the effect even better
& even scarier :-)

I have been sent some 
to try and review.

They come in many different designs & are fantastic for Halloween!

You receive a pack with  2 Soft Contact lenses, 45% water, 
55 % Terpolymer immersed in sterile buffered saline solution. 
8.6 Base Curve and 14.0 Diameter
That's the techincal info  
untechnical you receive 2 contact lenses that can last up to 1 yr.

Vision Direct even have a FAQs page if you want to 
answer any question you have

I think this picture shows how clearly they make a huge difference to your eyes!
If you haven't guessed I have one in the left eye and none in the right eye.

I found them really easy to put in but I have used contacts 
in the past.
There are clear instructions on the site if you are not sure.

I think they look soooo effective!
They instantly give your eyes a spooky look!

They would look fantastic with any outfit 
as they make such a huge difference to the look of your face.
As you can see from the pictures.

Now they don't just do the spider designs
& they aren't just perfect for Halloween.
This would complete any look.
A night out will never be the same with these.
Not only will you be able to coordinate 
your makeup you'll also be able to coordinate
your eyes :-)

They have 9 different catergories
& loads of designs within each one.


 Here are just some of the cool deisgns they have:
 Now I hope you agree they look fantastic!
I've already got my eye on another couple designs
that I really like the look of.
If you want to see all the designs & find the right pair
for you visit:

I was supplied the lenses to try and review
but all views expressed are my own
and I have not received any monies etc.
in return.


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