Saturday 20 October 2012

Guest Blogger Week 35 Defective Geeks

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Nancy (Pilbeam)
Hi all! My name is Nancy. I've been knitting and crocheting for about two years now. 
I started with Creepy Cute Crochet and just couldn't stop from there! 
Last year I started designing my own patterns for Nerd Wars on Ravelry
 and made Queen Amidala and an AT-AT walker.
Pattern available here
Pattern available here 
 When I'm not crocheting or knitting, I like to sew. 
I always make my own Halloween costumes. 
In fact, Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year, 
so I thought I'd share a few of the projects I've done in the past that were quick and fun.
 One project I did in about hour and a half was a candy corn cat sweater from DIY Maven which I also found via Ravelry
. P1080536 
 Here is my lovely cat modelling the results of my toil. Isn't he so cute!?
 It was an incredibly fast pattern (I did it while watching the movie Charade, I love that film). 
Anyway, the pattern was well written and very quick since it's done in double crochet stitch.
 The only difficult part was putting it on the cat. P1080539 
 Death stare. 
 One of my favourite Halloween films is Nightmare Before Christmas. 
I couldn't resist making a crochet Zero, Jack's pet dog. 
Pattern available here. I've taken lots of photos of the creation process, 
so check out my flickr if you need to see more angles.
 I started with the main body, the odd heart shaped bit. 
Then the under-body, jaw, and finally head. I blocked, or flattened, out all the pieces but the head. IMAG0503 
 This made them easier to work with, because they were curling an awful lot beforehand. 
 The head looked quite odd during the process. 
Led do some weird questions while I was working on it during my lunch hour! IMAG0500 
 The project came together relatively quickly and was easy to put together. 
The pattern was well written and there are quite a few examples of other projects on Ravelry, 
which is always helpful when you're a bit confused. 
 Overall, I'm happy with the final result: IMAG0511
Best part is, it can be a Halloween AND Christmas decoration. 
 I also made a chapstick cozy from Girl On The Rocks
I found the pattern via Ravelry. 
 A cozy, if you don't know, is what you generally wrap an inanimate object in to keep warm. 
Most common in the UK are tea cozies which keep tea pots warmer for longer. 
 I don't entirely know why you need to keep your chapstick warm, but who cares?
 It looks like a chopped off finger!
 It only took about an hour to make, probably less if you get in the swing of things. 
They'll make great little Trick-or-Treats for a few close friends, or if you have a lot of chapstick you can make a 'handful' of them (I couldn't resist). 
It's also a great starting project as it's just single crochet in the round and three colours. P1080559

Thank you ever so much Nancy.
I hope you will check out her sites.
My son has the AT-AT walker on my to do list :-)
Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us!

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