Friday 19 October 2012

I've Made Friday Week 31

Wow I can't believe how quick this year is going.
I hope your year/month/week/day
is going well!

I've finished Lydia's Dress off
& made her a matching hat, mittens & booties

I made the dress using (and adapting a little):
The free pattern at Bella Bambina Knits
All the booties I have made I used:
the roll top booties pattern

I have also made some booties & mittens
for Little Red's doll Max

The mittens I made for each of the dolls
was just made up as I went along.

I can't show you my finished competition entry
so you'll just have to watch this space
once the competition is finished.

Just a quick update.
If I don't reply to your messages for a while
I'm really sorry.
Little Red got sent home from school yesterday with a wasp sting.
The wasp has stung him next to his eye.
We are keeping it under control
as best as possible but there is some swelling round the eye
and it is really sore.
I'm hoping once he has stopped reacting to the sting
I can concentrate on my stuff again
but my little man comes first.

Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!

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  1. Eeek, I've only ever had bee stings and never on the face! I hope it clears up soon...

    1. I know I can't believe he managed to get stung. We already have winter temperatures so it shouldn't be out to sting. He still has a small amount of swelling around his eye but he is a lot better thanks.

  2. Those projects are adorable and they look great on the dolls.

    1. Thanks ever so much! I have bought a few patterns so I should hopefully have a few more things for them to wear. I need to start taking some pictures with my hats on - keep forgetting that bit :-)

  3. very sweet-hope your little guy is okay soon

    1. Thanks ever so much. He is on the mend! Still some slight swelling around the eye but that's to be expected.

  4. I love the dress! So sweet. Hope Little Red is OK soon.

    1. Thanks ever so much! I am sure he will be fine, just mum worrying as she does :-)


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