Tuesday 2 October 2012

Halloween Ideas and Hats

I hope your week and October has started well!

Now if you don't know I've been asking for ideas for Halloween & Thanksgiving on facebook.

Here is the Halloween Hats I have made so far
Mini Top Hat
Bat Beanie Hat
Black Cat Beanie Hat
Devil Hat
Dracula Hat
Frankenstein Hat
Ghost Hat
Grim Reaper Hat 
Pumpkin Hat 
Skeleton Hat 
Black Widow Spider Hat
Werewolf Hat 

Zombie Hat

So far the ideas that have been suggested are:
evil clown face
evil doll face
voodoo doll head with nails in
witch hat
wizard hat with the choice of adding hair and beard
creature from the black lagoon
evil moon face - number of options for this one
voodoo bear
voodoo rabbit
Hannibal Lector mask
Dragon Skull
Evil Jester
Grave yard scene
Black Crow
Scream Hat

As you may have guessed I am not going to be able to make all of these by Halloween this year.
The big question is can you come up with some more?

The patterns are available from Ravelry & Craftsy


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