Wednesday 9 November 2011

WIP Wednesday

This week hasn't been as productive I'm afraid.  I did manage to finish the heart and clover charms but I haven't finished any hats.  I did finish the dinosaur scarf so my friends son now has a matching hat and scarf.  It was my husbands 40th birthday party on Saturday so last week was spent getting the house ready and sunday was spent cleaning it up again.  I was ill on Monday and yesterday so that has written off the week so far.  I'm meant to be making a surprise for a friend for charity.  I'll post some pictures when it's finished ;-)

I still have:
2 Dinosaur hats
1 Mad Red Bird hat
1 Elephant hat
in progress and I also have a beanie that I have started for my husband.
I have 2 orders to fill, 1 for a blue dinosaur hat and 1 for a mad blue bird hat.

If I get the 2 hats on order finished on Friday I'll then try and get some of the above completed.

Here are my WIP:


  1. im sure you will have some done by friday.

  2. Glad you're feeling better (at least I HOPE you're feeling better)! Sounds like you've had a busy weekend! Hopefully the second half of your week if filled with peacefulness and lots of yarn :-P

  3. That is quite the list! Good luck!!!

    I'm want to do some hats, scarves, mittens to donate to the homeless in our area before the snow flies. Do you have any simple/quick crochet patterns you could recommend?

  4. You've got quite a few hats going on there! It's terrific that you are doing so well with crochet in less than a year. I mainly knit, but have been happy to try out a little crocheting this past year, too.

  5. At least you have a list! The best start to everything. Can't wait to see it all done.-Tori

  6. it sucks when you're sick and you still got many things to do. well, get well soon and maybe you'll finish those things anytime soon. waiting for the results. i think they will be lovely.

    love lots!

  7. Heather I haven't really followed many hat and scarf patterns. I mainly do a basic beanie now using a hdc. I tend to ch2, 6hdc in the 2nd ch from the hk, then hdc increase in each, then 1 hdc and 1 hdc increase repeated around and so on. At the moment I have only made basic scarfs which a also made of hdc and then sew the ends over to make mitten ends.
    If I do decide to make something to a pattern I tend to look on Ravelry - fantastic site!

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments. I've stopped being sick which is a great bonus but had to go for more tests (as usual) as Dr isn't happy that it's just my IBS and migraines making me ill.
    I'm on the up mentally which is the main thing. With have CFS I'm used to being ill, I catch anything and everything and don't get rid of it for ages. It doesn't often get me down since I found crochet but I slip every so often. I'm on the up at the moment mentally but not physically but at least I'm able to rest and crochet now :-)


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