Sunday 13 November 2011

Craft Blog Directory

Universal Craft Blog Directory

I have seen this on one of the blogs I follow and think its a great idea so if anyone would be interested in joining please see Rie's Blog. Below is more information about the directory (Copied from here)

Welcome to the Crafty Bloggers Link-Up.

This is (hopefully) going to be the biggest list of Crafty Bloggers out there,
it will be a Universal Craft Blog Directory!

It's easy to join....
All you have to do is add your blog to the link below
and then invite all your blog readers to join as well,
and they will invite their blog readers etc etc
and hopefully it will keep being sent forward
& all the crafty bloggers will come back here to the directory & add their name!

Cool huh!

For now it's just under one category: Craft and as the directory list grows,
so will the categories and it will then have it's own blog site!

And to make it easy to remember where the Universal Craft Blog Directory is...
here is a button to add to your blog:

Copy & past this button to your blog & link back to this post
to help spread the word to help the directory grow!
Rules: There are no rules... Well, I guess there is one, no two rules ...
1.) It's for Crafty blogs (you can determine if your blog is crafty - do you make, create or buy lots of crafty stuff?)
2.) You need to promote this on your blog for the Directory to work!

Step 1: Add your craft blog name to the linky list below.
Step 2: Create your own blog post, letting everyone know that a huge Crafty Directory is being made & invite them to pop on over here to add their crafty blog & then to do the same with their bloggy readers.
Step 3: Add the button to your blog so you remember to pop back & peruse the fab new Crafty Directory!


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