Friday 18 November 2011

FO Friday 18/11/11

Yeah it's finish off Friday and I've got things to post.  This week has been quite productive.  I'm not well (as usual) so need to rest.  This has had the bonus of meaning I can spend some time crocheting.  WIP Wednesday has spurred me on so I've only got one WIP  left.  Probably have more before Wednesday.  Anyway onto the things I've finished:

Hubby's hat

 Hotsy the elf for my son

 Mad Red Bird Hat

  Cat Hat

 Very large Panda Scarf

 Dinosaur hats

Scarf for my son to match his hat for Comic Relief Happy Hat Day

All in all a really good week.  Fingers crossed I get better soon, but then again I do love to crochet :-)

Hope your having a good Friday.  Click on the link at the top to look at other people FO


  1. Wow, they're amazing! I love the Angry bird hat and the dino hats particularly! Hope you feel better soon, even if it will cut into your crafting time ;)

  2. I love all of these FOs but I think my favorites are the comic relief set!

  3. Wow you finished some super cute stuff this week. I love the elf and elmo scarf!-Tori


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