Friday 11 November 2011


At what point do you ask for payment?

I had a potential customer contact me saying they wanted to buy a horse hat for their daughter. I agreed to make one and advised them of the price. They agreed but said they wanted to buy it but wanted one that looked like a palmino horse. I showed them pictures and they said which type of colour they wanted. The yarn wasn't exact so got 2 slightly different colours. I bought them out of my own pocket with no payment made. Once I'd finished I emailed them the pictures to see which one they wanted. Then I heard nothing. I chased n finally got a reply saying their grandmother had already bought a winter hat so she didn't want them. Now I'm out of pocket and just don't know what to say in reply. I'm quite angry because i went out of my way just to make sure she got the hat she wanted, not what i had in stock.   Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!


  1. oh no that's awful! What a tricky situation. Could you not ask for a deposit say 10% before you even start on a piece? If you ask for it by PayPal or Cash and get it, then at least you have that to keep if they change their minds. Ali

  2. That's a good idea. My hats have been going down so well that I wasn't ready for the side swipe.

  3. oh I'm sorry to hear. I think you should do something about it like implementing some policy, so you won't be caught in the same situation again someday...


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