Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Apologies for rant.

Sorry for my rant the other day. I'm still not very well but more positive in my mind.
I was right some people weren't interested, even when I kept running to be sick but I'm not going to worry.
I have come to the conclusion that people will think what they will think no matter what you do.  As long as I have no regrets and live your life looking after your friends and helping people where you can then that's what life is about.

As I've  been ill I haven't been crocheting but I'm hopefully going to get a little bit done today.

As I haven't been crocheting I've been resting reading other peoples blogs. There are just so many inspirational people in the world.

After christmas is out of the way I'm hoping to join in some of the good deeds that people are doing out there.

I'll be posting my WIPs later. As soon as I've got some of them finished I'm hoping to get started on some of my YOPs that I want to make for Christmas presents.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!



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