Wednesday 30 November 2011

WIP Wednesday 30/11/11

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!

I haven't got many WIPs this week as I've been trying to finish off anything I start.

Here are this weeks WIPs:

Yes I am afraid the elephant hat is still not made up :-(
I think it will be the week after Christmas before I get chance to finish this.

My next WIP I am really enjoying.  They only take about 20mins to make and I really like how they look when they are finished:

Do you know what they are ;-)

Here is what they look like finished:

Not a good picture, should of put the antlers straight.
They ar reindeer charms/decorations.
They have a charm fastner on them so they can either be used as a christmas tree decoration or they can be used as phone or bag charms.

It's my sons christmas fair on Saturday so I hope they go down well.
I don't do many fairs due to my cfs but as this one is only for a few hours so i should be able to manage that.

Don't forget to enter my christmas giveaway:

I am giving away a pdf coy of my reindeer pattern and my penguin pattern.
Just click on the picture to get to the giveaway


  1. Aw, the reindeer charms are so cute :)

  2. The reindeer charms are adorable!! Perfect for the season!

  3. The charms are so cute! And I think I mentioned before - LOVE the reindeer hat. I really need to learn to crochet!

  4. I like little festive knick-knacks like those reindeer charms! I'd put a carabiner clip on it and hang it from my zipper pull!

  5. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for joining TwoLuLa. We (my friend and I) just started the blog to chronicle our own creative journey. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You have done so much since learning to crochet!

  6. Very cute reindeer charms, I'm sure they'll go down well. And I LOVE the hats. Am off to enter the competition now. :)

  7. Those charms are really cute!

  8. The tiny reindeer are cute, you're right. I really like your hats. Do you sell the patterns?

  9. cute hats, not sure I could pull them off ;)

  10. Thank you everyone for you wonderful comments!
    Deserskyquilts - yes I sell my patterns on my website:

  11. Good luck everyone who has entered the giveaway. Can't wait to pick the winners. I am soooo excited.


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