Monday 23 January 2017

Olsson Haircare - Product Review

& Conditioner Spray
For Normal/Dry Hair

As you know I suffer from a number of conditions.
One of them is asthma.
Resulting in this I try to not use any perfumed products.
Parfum can aggravate asthmatics 
and set off an asthma attack.
Now I have struggled to find good products that don't
contain parfum.
However there is now a brilliant product available
that doesn't contact any fragrances or colours.
It is allergy sensitive and recommended for asthmatics.

It is packed full of natural ingredients to help
both your hair and your scalp.
It contains vitamin E which gives life to dull and limp hair.
It also contains Aloe Vera that soothes the scalp.

Now I must admit I was a bit dubious when I first
read the claims but I was very pleasantly surprised.
As soon as you squeeze the shampoo onto your hand
you can tell it's different from normal shampoo's.
The liquid is clear, smooth and doesn't smell.
There is a small smell of Aloe Vera but apart
from that there isn't that horrible overpowering false smell.
As soon as you massage the shampoo onto your head
you are covered in super soft tiny bubbles.
I cannot express how soft they are.
Your hair feels so clean and soft even before you put
the conditioner on it.

The conditioner is almost like a moisturizer.
It's a similar colour to moisturizer and smells
similar to the shampoo.
It isn't too greasy like some other conditioners
so although your hair feels soft and untangled
it doesn't feel greasy.

The shampoo and conditioner work well together.
They get your hair clean, soft and untangled.
Your hair smells clean afterwards but doesn't smell
of any perfume.
You scalp doesn't feel dry or greasy either.

Here is my hair before:

And here is my hair after using the
Olsson Products:

I am in love with the stay in conditioner.
I have very dry hair which goes flyaway very easily.
Just a quick spray of the stay in conditioner
and my hair looks silky smooth again.
I can honestly say I will be buying these products
from now on.
They are so kind and gentle on your hair and skin.

The brilliant thing is they don't just
have conditioner and shampoo, they have
other hair products that are available.

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I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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