Friday 17 March 2017

I've Made Friday Week 209

Hi everyone.
Yes I'm back, well for the moment anyway.

Life has been quite exciting since I last posted.
Hubby has a new job after over 20 years in the same firm!
He doesn't start his new job till nearer the end of April.
It's going to be a huge change but it really is exciting.

Red Monster got into the High School he wanted to.
It's local to us so he will be able to go to school with his friends.

I am another new medication. I think I have tried
another four since I last posted.
Some had really awful side effects.
The latest one seems okay but I am just waiting
to see if it has any effect on my condition.

We are planning on a holiday to South Africa.
It isn't for a while yet but I am already getting nervous.
We are going to Cape Town first for just over two weeks.
Then we are going to Durban to visit my family for five days.
Hubbies mum has a house in Cape Town so we will
be staying with her.
It's the first time I will have been back to South Africa
since I left when I was five years old.

Unfortunately Benji has a number of lumps.
He isn't in pain at the moment so we are just going
to leave them.
If they grow bigger, cause him problems or are
painful we will make a decision.

He is enjoying his visits from his friend Poppy.

Red Monster has been crafting a lot lately. 

I've been making things as well:


I am also still making a simple granny square blanket.

I hope you are well.
Let me know what you are making.
I will hopefully be posting more.
Just depends on what life throws at me :-)


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