Monday 16 January 2017

Jens Petcare

I have to tell you about the wonderful service that 
Jen offers in our area.

The reason I know Jen is every morning
we see Jen and her husband Alan
walking two dogs.
Benji loves her and her treats and the first
thing he does when he gets on the park
is go and look for her.

She offers so many services:
Dog Walking
Home Boarding
Small Animal Boarding/Care
Cat Sitting
Puppy Visits

The brilliant thing is she has such a love of pets
that you know your pet will be treated as
one of the family.

We have seen a huge difference in the dogs they walk
in the morning.
They were both quite stressed when they first came
out and now they are so confident and relaxed.
They both look so happy on their walk now.
I have seen the wonderful difference Jen can
make to a dogs life by taking them out.

The brilliant thing about her home boarding
is whilst you are on holiday your dog is having a holiday.
The dog instantly becomes one of the family and lives
in their home just like they would when they are home.
It is so much more fun for your dog and takes the stress
out of you going on holiday.

Having a pet is a fantastic addition to any family
but sometimes with work and family commitments
it just isn't possible to give your pet the attention it needs.
This is where Jen can step in.
She can take your dog out for a walk everyday
or whilst you have a puppy or injured animal Jen can come and visit it in the day.
This way you know your pet isn't on it's own all day whilst
you are at work.

You can check out Jen's Petcare at:

I love following her on Instagram
as you get to see all the wonderful
animals she looks after.
I have a smile everyday looking at all
the wonderful pictures she posts.


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