Monday 16 January 2017

Rest In Peace Auntie Dolly

Auntie Dolly

This weekend we had some awful news.
The best Auntie you could possibly wish for
passed away.

I wasn't sure I was going to put anything on here
but I want people to know just how special she was.

My Auntie Dolly was my mums older sister and there
was eighteen years between them.
She was 81 years old when she passed away.
You can't tell from the picture that she was that old
and to be honest I think she was the most young
at heart person I have ever known.

My Auntie Dolly was always there if you needed a hand.
She would be always helping at parties and you
often found her cleaning dishes at the sink.

She was always the greatest fun at the party!
Red Monster had a pirate party when he was about six.
Auntie Dolly and the rest of my mums relatives
got dressed up with the rest of us.
We all wore pirate hats and eye patches
and went off round the house with a treasure map.
Auntie Dolly was such good fun and nothing stopped her.
She was up on the trampoline jumping about with
the kids.
She was often first on the dance floor at a party
and when it came to the kids games
she was first sat on the floor.

My mum is one of nine so as you can imagine
there are a lot of nieces and nephews
as well as all their children.
Auntie Dolly never forgot one of them and would
spend the whole year buying Christmas presents.
She didn't have much money but she always made
sure she got something for everyone.

She loved knitting and would make toys etc.
for so many people.
When Red Monster was born she made him a little
footballer and made it in blue (her husband and children
are Everton supporters).
When she heard that D was a Manchester United supporter
she made him a red one as well.

She would knit things for the premature babies
at her local hospital.
There are so many babies out there that were kept
warm with something my Auntie had made them.

Auntie Dolly will be sorely missed.
She was a rock and the glue of the family.
I was so lucky to have her as my Auntie!

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