Wednesday 11 January 2017

What You Doing Wednesday Week 208

Wow 2017!

The start of the year has been slightly delayed.
I caught this horrible chest infection that
everyone seems to be going down with.
This meant an out of hours visit from the Dr
and being placed straight on antibiotics & steroids.
If there had been beds at the hospital I would of
been in hospital as well but there weren't any
so I got to stay at home.
I had the highest temperature I have ever had in my life
and my oxygen levels went down to 93%.
It wasn't nice but luckily I am on the road to recovery.

I didn't make any new years resolutions this year.
I decided to just go with the flow.
This year is going to be big enough as it is.
Later on in the year we are going to South Africa.
I haven't been back since I left when I was five.
We are going to Cape Town first to visit my
mother-in-law in her holiday home over there.
Then it's over to Cape Town to visit my relatives.
We are soo excited and nervous.
It's weird I was born in South Africa and at the same
time my husband and his family moved out there.
They came back about the same time we did as well.

There are other things changing but I can't tell
you about them yet.
Once I have the all clear I will spill the beans.
It's very exciting.

Red Monster is in his final year at junior school.
He is waiting to find out which High School he will
be going to.
We find out the end of March.
He is nervous and excited about the next stage
in his life coming.

Christmas was fantastic.
It was so family orientated but relaxing as well.
On Christmas day my mum and dad came to our house
for dinner.
This was the first time my mum hadn't cooked in
over 40 years.
She loved being able to enjoy the day rather than
rushing round and getting everything cooked etc.
Then they took Red Monster with them
and went to visit my brother and his family.
Red Monster stayed at theirs and then we picked
him up the next day before going and visiting
his Nana and husband for lunch.

As I have been ill I have been resting a lot
and spending the time making.

I am making a Solid Granny Square Blanket
using the blanket pack from Wool Warehouse
The pack is called
"Little Tin Bird Bright Rainbow Pack"
#Stylecraft Special DK

Aren't the colours beautiful!

I have also started knitted the
It's a nice relaxing knit.

Whilst doing all this relaxing I have been
watching some boxsets.
I have watched Lewis series 1-7 so far.
A Place to Call Home.

I have just started to be able to go out
for a short walk again.
Not far but it gets the dogs out.
It wasn't a very nice day and the weather
seems to be getting worse and worse everyday.
It looks like we might have snow tomorrow.
Red Monster is super excited.

Anyway I better go and get Red Monster
out of his bed and ready for school.
I will post again on Friday and show
you the Tea Cozies I crocheted for my mum.

I hope you are all well and I look forward
to sharing you more patterns and reviews
with you this year.

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  1. Wow, I really notice that Red Monster is getting taller! Soon he is going to look like a high school guy. :) The colors of the Granny Square blanket are beautiful. Excited for you for your upcoming trip and pray your health will be the best for the trip.


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