Wednesday 2 November 2016

What You Doing Wednesday Week 205

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope your week is going well!

Wow November already!
I hope you had a good October.

Red Monster was off school last week.
We had a bit of a relaxing week.
I'm having problems sleeping
due to my medication change and
we still haven't been able to find a replacement
that works.
I'm back to the doctors on Thursday again
to try and find something that will work.

Red Monster didn't mind.
He enjoyed not having to rush around.
School is such hard work that he needs
the time to stop and relax his brain.

He stayed at Granny and Grandad's at
the weekend and went to Martin Mere.
They were having a Halloween special.
They went hunting round for clues
and they also carved a pumpkin.


Red Monster is back at school now.
The weather has changed greatly in the last week.
Autumn arrived and it's getting colder.
We had the first frost this morning.

The garden is completely confused by the weather.
I have strawberries growing, flowers flowering
and then the trees have all changed.

Benji doesn't mind he loves running
no matter what the weather is.

This is me curled up in bed with Benji
crocheting him a Halloween costume.
He won't wear much so I just made him a collar.
I'll show you it finished on Friday.

I can't show you my other make as it's
a Christmas present.
I can't wait till after Christmas and I can
show you what I have made.

Due to a lack of sleep my illnesses are
playing up.
I have wasted quite a few days which I find
I am too tired to do anything and I am too
tired to sleep.
Plus the lack of sleep means lots of pain.
I've had a number of bed bound days
but I am trying to get up everyday I can.
Hopefully the doctor will find a new
set of medication that works.

I hope you have a good November!
Thanks for all your comments.


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