Thursday 27 October 2016

Rainbow Crocheted Blankets ~ Search Press ~ Book Review

by Amanda Perkins

ISBN: 9781782211570
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: 15 September 2016
RRP: £12.99

Available direct from Search Press.


This book is a refreshing change from the norm.
It doesn't want you to make exact copies
of the blankets, it wants you to make your
own design using the patterns.

The book uses written patterns as well as charts
and diagrams.
The patterns are easy to follow and the colour
charts give you so many ideas.

The whole point of the book really is colour.
It's amazing how the different colours
with the different designs create
amazing blankets.

Amanda uses 4 ply yarn so the designs
are more detailed and more colours can be packed in.

Each of the designs are so different from each
other and I love the fact that quite a few
aren't just rectangular.

Amanda uses different shapes to create
blankets that look unique.
Working together with the different colours
she uses create many beautiful designs.

If you love to crochet blankets
then this book really will fill your time.
The only problem you might have
is deciding which blanket to crochet first.

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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